Daddy [cth]

in which calum likes being called daddy for sexual pleasure


2. one

Reese's POV

The moment Michael had urged me to come over, I knew something was up. But what I didn't expect was to arrive to a huge party. I walked inside Michael's house confused as hell. 

Dancing and intoxication filled the room and I tried managing my way in search of Michael. You would have thought Michael would invite his best friend to his party right? 

As I tried to get my way through the waves of people in the room I bumped into someone, them spilling their beer all over my shirt. I groaned regretting my decision of coming here in the first place. 

"I'm so sorry" the jackass said, but as he turned around I immediately knew who this dumbass was. 

"Of fucking course" I mumbled seeing my ex boyfriend Luke in front of me.

"REESE" He yelled smiling bringing me closer to him as he hugged me.

By the looks of it, I could tell he was completely drunk. Luke and I weren't on speaking terms since we broke up. I slightly pushed him off as he began to pout.

"Have you seen Michael?" I asked avoiding eye contact with him. I couldn't speak to Luke without having the urge to cry. I really did love him.

"Yeah he's in the kitchen with Ash and Calum" he responded 

I quickly thanked him , sighing that, that conversation was done and over with. But as realization of what he just said hit me, I groaned in annoyance.

Calum Hood is about the most obnoxious person I have ever met and his persistence of getting me to have sex with him just topped it all off. I made my way to the kitchen and quickly found Michael.

"REESEEEE!" He yelled slurring his words out

I rolled my eyes in annoyance "You threw a party and didn't invite your best friend?" I told him shaking my head.

"I wasn't the one who threw it" he said taking another sip of beer

"Then who was?" I asked slightly confused

"It was me" calum said biting his lip as he saw me.

He came closer to me and whispered in my ear "how are you baby girl?" he asked 

I pushed him off "don't call me that" I responded 

"fiesty, I like it" he smirked

"You're drunk" I said rolling my eyes yet again for what felt like the millionth time today

"And you're hot" he said with a smirk plastered on his stupid face.

This was going to be a long night.

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