A glee fanfiction


1. Chapter 1

A Purr escaped from somewhere deep down inside of me while I was cuddling with my boyfriend, Blaine.

"What was that, Kurt?" Blaine asked with a small giggle.

"It was probably my stomach. I'm a little hungry," I said as I got up. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I took off my beanie and my ears perked up.  My tail twitched from fear. 'What if he finds out?!' I thought to myself. 'Idiot! He won't find out. As long as you hide it,' I thought to myself once again. I grabbed a tub of strawberries from the fridge. I put a few in a bowl. I put my beanie back on and walked up the stairs. I sat down on my bed. I grabbed a strawberry out of the bowl and handed it to Blaine.

"Thank you!" he said in a really high pitched voice. I grab a strawberry and take a bite. "Is something wrong Kurt? You seem a little down."

"Actually, there's something that I need to tell you. Well, actually, show you." I said. 'No!' I thought. 'Don't tell him! He'll hate you!'

"What is it?"

"Okay. Turn around." He turned around and I quickly took off my beanie and I pulled my jeans off and put on a pair that had a homemade hole cut in he back for my tail. "Turn back around."

At first he didn't notice anything different until he saw my tail nervously swishing back and fourth. I sat down on my bed and started crying. "I am only allowed to see you for a month."

"Tell me everything," Blaine said.

"My mom was also a hybrid and she couldn't have a home birth like both her and my dad wanted. When it turned out that I was also a hybrid they had to write it down in a file. When I turn eighteen I'm going to be auctioned off. After I'm auctioned, I'm going to have their initials carved into my shoulder blade and I'll have to wear their collar around my neck. I won't be able to see my friends or family, and I won't be able to go to school anymore. I will basically just be someone's pet," I said in between sobs.

"Am I able to claim you?" Blaine asked with a happy look on his face.

"You'll have to talk to my dad about that," I said. As if on command my dad got home from work. "Dad can you come up here for a minute, dad?"

"Blaine, go hide in the closet!" I whispered.

"Sure," he said. I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. "What is it, Kurt?"

"He knows," I said. I still had tears in my eyes.

"Who, Kurt? You're scaring me."

"Blaine! Blaine knows!" Blaine came out from his hiding spot.

"I want to claim your son," Blaine said.

"Can I talk to you out in the hallway?" my dad asked. They walked out the door. I pulled out my phone and checked to see if I had any messages. Just as I was about to text Mercedes, Blaine walked back in.

"So?" I asked.

He nodded his head. I knew that he was so happy, that he couldn't talk. He wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. Then he kissed me. That was my first kiss. I just stood there for a minute, partly in shock/excitement, and partly not knowing what to do. After what felt like forever, I kissed him back. I can't wait for my month to end!

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