Look. She could be here


2. Part Two: She

Beth: Hey, where are you? I've been looking for you everywhere!

Beth: Will you talk to me?!

Beth: I know you're skiving... you may as well tell me where you are!

Paige: Help.

Beth: Paige... what's happening?

Beth: Is it Danny again? 

Beth: PAIGE!!!

Paige: I got to go. 


The last known messages she sent.

Phone found, smashed in the alley and unable to be used. The sim was tracked, and her fingerprints were not the last used. Hope is still there to find her, and save her from what she underwent. 


Did you ever hear her scream?

No? That's all her neighbours ever heard her do. Never heard her talk, never heard her sing... just scream. She was too scared to talk to them in case he found out, in case he locked her up, in case he hurt her... taking her innocence one beat at a time. Making one beautiful girl with low self-esteem.


Did you know her name?

Paige. The girl who was a single section of some people's stories, but hers... took your breath away. Now, she lies, she's broken... dead. Thinking that she was the one to blame.


And her mind, her lost troubled mind that never ceases to lay,

Drowns her in a never-ending dismay.

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