Look. She could be here


1. Part One: Look.

Look. Can you see yet?

Hidden in plain sight, but you're choosing to ignore it. That girl, yes that one sat on the stairs. She's been pushed. Remember? You saw, you laughed and she cried... she lives in regret.


She sits alone, are you blind?

While you're laughing with your friends about that 'weird girl on the stairs'. Stop staring at her! Yes she has that mark on her face, but you don't understand the thoughts in her mind.


She twitched, when he got too close, did you notice?

Remember the mark, a bruise, the shape of a knuckle. She was punched by her step-father. Her mother fears him too. Her real father? Dead, she debates joining him. Do you not know this?


She lived her life in fear, she lived her life in pain.  She doesn't live her life no-more, cause all she got was rain. 

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