Look. She could be here


5. Part 5: Here

I bet you're wondering why I've told you about this girl, her ending instead of her life. It's so you all know, a life doesn't just end in death.


Because I am Paige.


Well I was, once. She's still here, somewhere, buried so I would never remember the life I once lead.  Do I miss her? No. Paige is dead, and I was reborn. No more darkness, no more hurt, no more pain. 


My mum? I haven't spoke to her in years, last I heard she was having another child. Beth? She's engaged to her boyfriend, she's happy but she still posts our pictures, how it's been 3 years since Paige died.


Paige is just another chapter in my story, she may have lost her battle but I am the warrior who won.

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