Look. She could be here


4. Part 4: Be

Beth: Paige, why you being like this?

Paige: Like what? I only asked a simple question!

Beth: May be simple to ask but answering is so much harder! Look, if you're not happy with you're life, change it!

Paige: How?! How can I change something I have no control of?! Cause to me it's all being lied to, being hurt and being alone! 

Beth: You're not alone! You have me! 

Paige: For how long?! Someday you'll move away, you'll have new, better friends, and you won't even remember the leech you used to know. Besides, you have a boyfriend now, why would you want to hang out with me when you can have your legs wrapped around him!

Beth: Wow Paige, you've gone too far this time. Call me when you grow up.

*You can no longer reply to this conversation*


I bet not many people know what it means to be truly alone, but Paige did was beginning to. Her friends were leaving one by one and she didn't want to tell them not to leave. Could you have the courage to do that? Stand there and watch them all leave without looking back? Paige did that, and she regretted not calling after them


It's not an easy thing to do, and yes we can say she bought it among herself. She pushed and pushed so she knew that nobody would want to be around her. She had nobody away from the drama.


Her mother was sick, she was bedridden for weeks, barely able to sit up and look people in the face as they entered the room. Yet Paige loved her still. Doctors said she didn't have long left, but Paige prayed for the nightmare to end, she couldn't lose anybody else.


Her mother survived. But by then Paige was gone.

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