Look. She could be here


3. Part 3: Could

I don't understand why I was chosen! Maybe it's because I didn't do what I was told. I have to tell somebody, I can't tell mum or everything would get worse  abuses me more ways than I want to say. I'd never be able to tell anyone, because I know all I'll get is worse. Danny says I have one last chance, but I don't know what will happen if I upset him again. 


This was the final extract in her diary, maybe this could be where she is?

She could be dead, at the age of 15. Maybe she didn't like her life anymore, and wanted it over. What could have made her feel this way? She did her work, she was kind but she had a secret, she had no emotion to share. But there was one thing that she felt.




But, do you think she could be found again?

The same innocent girl who is nowhere to be seen. Paige, the one who's been missing for days, weeks, months... years. Her mother is the only one who noticed, her stepfather has no idea she's gone. Whether her heart is still beating or been ripped out from the pain, nobody knows. She couldn't smile, she couldn't laugh and she couldn't love. What life is that for a teenaged girl? A life just beginning and she feels like it's over, the game she played was tough, but the final level has her stuck. 

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