Grace Hazel Winters has Amnesia (Memory loss) and she forgets her past when Grace was out of the hospital to look for someone special as her crush...

Has she found him?

Meanwhile, Luke Hemmings was the one who is Grace's crush and will take her to her unfamiliar favourite place.

Has he felt as a lover as he loves Grace?


1. Prologue


I was about to walk to the door, but I stop to walk because everything went spinning around as I could see and I was wearing my hospital clothes.

I look ridiculous, I know...

But I'm here to tell my best friend and my crush, Luke Hemmings, that I love him.

My name is Grace Hazel Winters if you ask me! 

I wander to get closer to the door, and I knock on it for once...

Because of this, I fell over to hit my forehead on the door, and this sound like someone opened the door. 

Everything went blank!

It looks like the doctor's right at all..!

If I walk around at outside of the hospital, it will make me so dizzy and headache as well...

I have a disease...

It called Amnesia, and it means memory loss.

If I stayed in the hospital, then I wouldn't remember everything about him, my past, my families and my name.

That's why I walk to Luke's house to tell him how I've felt.

But it's too late!

You can see me.

Hit on the door hard?

The lovely memories that I had and I have right now is already gone!

I want to beside with Luke forever, and I want to kiss his beautiful, perfect lip.

I always love you, Luke...

Everything, even the memories, went darkness into my mind.

It means..!

It's gone!





I was confused because all I see is my best friend, Grace, was on the ground and I was worried about the blood is on her forehead.

I picked her up like bridal carry and brought her in my house.

It's an apartment. 


I put her down on the couch so gentle, and I get up.


What if she gets so cold quickly?


I need to get a blanket, the water, and first aid.


I refused to call the hospital because they will make her get worse or pain...

So, that's why I refused!


First thing, to get a blanket.

I turn around, and I was about to walk away but...

"Luke..." That was Grace's lovely and soft voice in my mind.

I got confused.

It probably makes me imagine..!

I snap it out to kept walk away, and I get blanket into the closet where the coat supposed to be...

I sigh sadly.

I look at the couch where Grace was sleeping on, and I start to walk to where she was laying.

Why did she come here?

"Luke..." That was Grace!

She looks so pale.

She already got a disease?

What is disease?!

She got cold because I saw her shaking body and she's still shaking.

I did put the blanket on her frozen body.

Second, I need to get first aid...

I walk to get in the kitchen and get first aid that where I saw is on the corner.

While I was here, I realise that I should get the water, so, I did.

After I did put the water in the cup, I walk back to see Grace...

I was shocked.

Grace's awake now.

She looks around the room, and she looks confused.

Probably, Grace looks confused because she looks around and wonders if she was still at my house at the same time..!

"Grace!" I called out to her.

She looks at me confusedly.

"Who are you?" That's all she says.


I was in pain, but more than pain hurt.

Then I realise...

No way!

She has amnesia?! 

"Don't tell me-" I pause.

Of course, she doesn't remember me, her families, her past, and her name.

I can't believe it!

She seems like she has no idea who am I or where she is...

I sigh sadly.

Do I have to?





Hey, guys!

If this story's so familiar to your article, I shouldn't update on this story. I'll stop...

So, it was Luke Hemmings' Fanfic! :)

I will be taking a lot of my time on this FanFic.

Enjoy it!

Take care!

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