Grace Hazel Winters has Amnesia (Memory loss) and she forgets her past when Grace was out of the hospital to look for someone special as her crush...

Has she found him?

Meanwhile, Luke Hemmings was the one who is Grace's crush and will take her to her unfamiliar favourite place.

Has he felt as a lover as he loves Grace?


2. I


I woke up as I could see a ceiling roof and I laid on the hard floor as I was confused.

It could be..!

Why am I on the floor?

I sigh annoyingly, and I lay down on the floor again after I sit up lazily.

Could it be..?

A dream?

But it is about Grace-

"Grace!" I scream as I sit up quickly.

I was shocked to see her on my left turn, and I saw a beautiful face of my best friend as I saw her eyes shut by sleeping.

I sigh sadly when I saw a white hospital dress on her body, and I look up at her closed eyes again as I lean down on her close-up face. 

"Grace..." I call her name out to her so softly.


It couldn't be a dream.

I turn away to look up at the ceiling roof again.


Why am I on the floor?

I sigh sadly.

She now has Amnesia.

What if I could be a dummy, because of me, she still was about to say something, and I shut her down.

Amnesia has depressed by sadness.

I'm doing it for her father to stay away from her or else...

Now my question to ask myself, why am I a fool to say something bad to her?

I sigh sadly.

I hate me now...

I clenched my fist and slammed it on the floor.

I hurt her.

I slammed it again at the same spots.

I was a fool.

I look down on the floor, and I sigh sadly when I saw Grace still slept on the ground.

Maybe I will drop her at the hospital or else... 

Her father worries so much about his beloved, sweet and kind daughter.

Her parents divorced when Grace was eleven, and she lived with her single father in the rest of her life.

I had known a lot about her when she was ten years old. 

A reason that I don't want to call the hospital and put her to suffering her mind is...

Her father makes a deal with me and her too.

With that, I pick her up when I stand up and bridal carries with her on my arm to walking away.

It's dangerous to be here for her..!

"Grace... Why do you forget me?" I ask.

Was it supposed to be a joke or..?


I sigh sadly.

I look down on the ground while I walk away and I hear her small chuckle into sadness as I look at her face.

Why does she look so depressed?

I was about to say something but I was surprised by her father calls her name to me and come to us to steal her from me.

"I was about to-" Her father cuts me off.

"Like I said before... STAY AWAY FROM HER!"

With that, he was about to walks back with his angry face, but I stop him, and he sounds shocked because of it...

"She already forgets about her past, her best friend and even, yes, you... I'm sorry!" I murmur.

I wasn't full thought about this, but I want to help her.

Even that way, she got nothing to do without any help but dying in the future.

I sigh sadly, and I put my finger in my back-pocket.

I don't want to be staying away from her.

And so did Mr Winters, too, don't expect me to stay away from her..!

With that, I walk away from them after he says nothing and I stop when he calls my name.

"Before she forgets everything, does she come to you?" He asks.

"Yes," That's all that I can reply.

He chuckles a little by sadness when I turn around to see his back, and I was so confused at the same time.

He mumbles something for me to hear what he says.

All I can hear:

"You fool..." 

Amnesia is very hard to get it back, but I'm trying to help her.

"Luke, come with me." Mr Winter orders.




Later that night at the hospital,

I sat down on the chair, and I was in the waiting room at the hospital.

I hate it, being silent between with Mr Winter and me.

While I sat down, I was thinking about this earlier and...

I am so in the bigger trouble...

You got confused, right?

You'll see..!

I sigh sadly when I look down on the floor and smile a little with my sad face.

I'm sure that I am so much in trouble...




All I see is my forget-about-me best friend sit up, and she looks up at me.

I was so busy that I was shocked from she don't know who am I and sad as well after I realised that my best friend had amnesia. 

I sigh sadly.

It could hurt my heart.

How could she.?!

With that, I drop the glass water, and I was shocked as I look down quickly as I can. 

When I look up at her, she looks down on the broken glass water, and she looks panicked.

"I'm so sorry. Please! Trust me!" I beg as I walk a little by little closer to her and knee down quickly as she looks more panicked.

She says nothing, but panicked look on her face and I stand up as I, a fool, hurt her a lot.

Maybe I was...

I sigh sadly.

I was dummy enough for her to trust me. 

I was about to walk away when I turn around, but I stop by my heart went stab after she says these word.

"Wait... Who am I?" She asks confusedly.

What was THAT sound?

'Stab' my heart? 

"And... Who are you?" 

I close my eyes to hold these stupid tears and I open my eyes as a single tear stream down on my face.

I remembered when everyone in my primary school used to call me Luke Crybaby Hemmings but Grace saves me...

Here am I!

I wiped the tear away from my face, and I turn around to see her confused face. 

"Who am I?! Oh! My name is Luke Hemmings, and you are Grace!" I shout.

I sigh sadly.

Was I shout to the clueless poor girl, wasn't I?

"I trust you... But I have no idea who are you or what's going on here." She says so softly.

"Sorry... I wasn't in good mood at this moment. Excuse me..." I say softly when I look down on the floor and I start to walk away when I say 'Excuse me'.

I was dummy enough to realise that I was heartbreaking after all and-

A groan and pant interrupted my thought by a girl.

I walk back to see her stand up and she went wildly dizzy as she looks like the drunk walk.

Was it supposed to be a joke?

She was about to fall over, but I caught her, as everything went bad...

Because the water is on the floor and I slip on the water.

"Whoa!" That's when I move on the floor.

Everything went blank..!


Flashback end.


I still sit on the same chair in the waiting room and...

It has been two hours since I arrived at the hospital...

I sigh sadly.

Grace's father went to buy a coffee in the cafe shop.

"Anyone in Grace Hazel Winters's relation family?" Dr Tanner says.

I raise my hand, and Dr Tanner got confused.

True, I wasn't her family or boyfriend but her best friend. 

"Where is Mr Winters?" Dr Tanner asks.

"Well... He's buying a coffee in the cafe shop." I walk toward where he stood there.

There's awkward silence moment between us.

"Oh... I can wait until he's coming along and I'll tell him that you come by." I continue to say.

Dr Tanner nods with his serious look on his face slowly and looks down on the floor at the same time.

I was confused.

"What?" I say harshly.

"Well... It's a bad new!" Dr Tanner says.

I wasn't surprised until when he says that word:


I was surprised after all, and I look down on the white floor.

That's why I hate hospital!

All I knew...

All the time is coming very soon.

I think she has got to die!

I sit down on a chair in the same spot as I was before and I was confused.

What has he said before 'Forever'?

All he said:

"Tell Mr Winters that I have a bad new for him and I'll waiting for him in my office. (*I nod as understanding*) His daughter has a problem for Amnesia but she has no memories. Her memory is gone forever. I'm so sorry, Mr. Hemmings."

I sigh sadly when I look down on the floor even more than what you think.

What should I tell Mr Winters when I see him?





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