1. Listen

We have all tried it, listing to a new album for the first time.

The feeling of being excited about it, that yes its finally out, you can finally hear it.

You put it on, and your in this whole slow motion world, the sounds of the different voices, the guitar strums.

Your trying to figure out who sings what, trying to figure out what the songs means, while your just relaxing, enjoying listening to good music.

You find your favorite song, your favorite line, your least favorite song, witch btw of course also is amazing.

You know that this album will be the soundtrack of your life for the next couple of days, the background music for when you work, and music you hour after hour is playing in your head trying to get the lyrics right.

You want everyone to hear this album, but you still wanna keep it for yourself.

By now you start imagine how it would sound in a stadium full of people live, just hoping that the band with come across your country.

This might all sound silly to you, because it's just an album, but don't fight me in this one, because we all know it's not just an album, it's not something major but it is the reason why you time to time smile while humming along to its music.

We have all tried it.

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