Don't Go

Please don't go...please


2. The News

Mel's P.O.V

I woke up to be cuddled up with Mikey in my bed. He looked so cute sleeping , I wish that I could remember this forever.

"You know Jelly its not polite to stare/"Mikey said without even looking at me.

"Sorry Kitten, im just trying to remember this after I leave"

"Jelly, please don't speak like that you might get better"He said now sitting up with me cuddling in his strong arms

"I know but all we know is that one day I could just drop dead in the middle in Primark!" I sad with tears welling up in my eyes. 

"Come on, come here"

Micheal gripped onto me and hugged me tightly.We stayed like that for about 5 minutes until Mikey broke the silence.

"Come on Jelly we need to get ready for your appointment."

"Mkay " I said sadly 

I got out of Kittens embrace and walked to my closet to pull out:

I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth but didn't bother doing my makeup knowing full well that it would end up ruined

"Come on Jelly , lets go get your mum and every one then we can go to the hospital"

"Okay Kitten"

After we had got my mum and sisters we climbed into the car.I think that Mikey could sense my nerves because he said

"Come on baby , don't be nervous it could be good news"he said trying to cheer me up

"Maybe"Thats all I said before turning to look out of the window


Before I knew it we were at the hospital so we all climbed out of the car into the waiting room.After about 5 minutes  heard my doctor ,Dr Stokes but because she knows us so well we call her by her fist name which is Bell,

My family and I followed Bell into her room.

"Good morning Mel and how are we this fine morning?"Bell said cheerfully 

"Im the same" I said gloomily 

"Ok well we have your test results back..."With those words I felt mums and Micheal and basically everyone grips on me tighten

"Im so very sorry to say this Mel but your Cancer has spread.You only have 100 days left to live"And with that I broke down into tears.

"A-a-are you s-sure yyou have t-the right r-r-results"

"Im sorry Melanie but these are your results"Bell said with tears in her own eyes 

"O-Ok"I whispers crying even more 

"Come on baby we have to get you 3 back to school"Mum said trying not to break down 

"Bye Bell"We all said giving her a hug

"Bye , Ill see you soon"

Skip to school...

Micheal and I both walked into our class and was bombarded with stares

"Late again today are we"My teacher , Mr Walker said

"Sorry sir "Micheal and I both said

"Why are we late exactly?"

"We had family issues"I said

"You two are not even related"

"No we are not sir but we are similar to family and we stick together"Micheal spoke , gripping on to my hand

"Hmmm...okay now go and sit down"

I went and sat in my seat and Micheal went and sat down in his seat. 

"Look who finally arrived, busy fucking dork over there"Stacy , the school slut said 

"Answer me , bitch"

"You slut , your jeans are way too tight and your top's practically showing off your bra!"

Thats when I finally snap

"Really you think im a slut? Clearly you haven't looked in the mirror recently! You top SHOWS your bra, your skirt is up your arse, you cant walk in your shoes and YOU LOOK LIKE A FRICKING PROSTITUTE!"

Thats when Stacy's hand collided with my face and that was it.Before anyone had the time to break us appart I had hit her once in the face and twice in the stomach.Stacy grabbed some of my hair , pulling a clump of it out.By now Stacy and the whole class was looking at me.Now full on crying I shouted "You Bitch!" at her and ran out the class, followed by Mikey.

I was just about to reach the school doors when I just stopped.I couldnt breath or move. Micheal's shouted sounded further and further away until black

Micheals P.O.V

I was running after Mel when she stopped at the school doors.I was still shouting her when I saw her fall to the floor.I quickly ran to her and supported her hear.Mel had hit her head pretty hard so it is now bleeding.I gently picked her up bridal style, laying her bleeding head on my blood soaked top and ran/speed walked to the nurses office.

"HELP NURSE!"I shouted ner the nurses office.



"WE need to lay he on the bed quickly, ok now can you please get me some of that cloth, I need to put ice on it and then band aid it up."And that she was doing it.


After the nurse had cleaned Melly all up and made sure she was okay I wnet over to the bed that she was resting on and sat by her , singing Saviour by Black Veil Brides (her favourite song).I held her hand and was in the middle of day dreaming when I felt someone squeeze my hand.I looked down to see that it was Mel waking up.


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