my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


7. the backyard

I walked to the backyard and saw all the boys turned with there back to me

"we where expecting you" Michael said with a low voice

all the boys grinned so did I he's so funny

"what do you mean ?" I asked

"you'll see.." Calum said

they jumped around and I saw water guns


I ran back into the living room and locked the door

I turned around and saw Luke

he hold a water gun with the handle turned to me

"I'll protect you" he said with a smile

my heart just melt

I kissed his cheek and said "tanks Luke"

he blushed what made me grinning

we ran upstairs and toke the stairs to the attic

it was dark and scary so toke Luke's hand

we had to take another stairs and we where at the roof

he sat down and patted at the space next to him signing to sit there

so I did

"Australia looks beautiful" I said

"it does" he said enjoying the view

we sat there for like 5 minutes in silence

nice relaxing silence

"I think there up here" i heard a voice say

the door swung open

"you two better not be making out" Calum said


we quickly jumped up with our waterguns

"please don't make me wet , this is my favourite shirt and I want to wear it today" I cried

"I'm sorry for what I'm gonna be doing next then" Michael said

Luke jumped in front of me

"told ya that I'll protected you" he said

he is so gentle

"you're choice" Michael said

they shoot at him and he where weak af

I shoot at the boys from behind Luke and stayed dry , perfect

we moved slowly so I could used him as a human shield

we ran downstairs and sat on the sofa

the boys came downstairs

"no watertights inside the house" I said

"okay mom" Michael joked

the guys laughed

"Ashton have you chance shirts ?" I asked

"yes Joy has buy extra clothes for us in case there happened something and cause we kind of live here"he laughed

we watched a movie and the boys got home

I got upstairs and toke a shower

and I had to shave my legs cause it has to be smooth , right lady's ?

after that I put on my pj's cause why not

I made my homework and jumped in bed I where tired af

--at 2 pm--

I couldn't sleep cause the weather was so loud

L: Hey

S: What are you doing up at 2am

L: I can't sleep

S: Me either

L: wanna FaceTime ?

I laughed at that cause I didn't FaceTime that much cause my best friend back in California had no phone cause it's broken

Luke Hemmings wants to face time

I pressed the green button and talked 2 ours with him about school and California and Calum Michael and Ashton

we said goodnight and hung up

Calum stood in my door opening

"maybe this sounds stupid as hell but , can I sleep at yours I'm afraid of storm "

"no it's okay! hop in" I said as I hold the sheets up

he did and we lay with our faces to each other

"do you want to tell something about yourself when you where a kid ?" he asked

"Calum id love to but it's literally 3:45 pm" I answered

"yea okay ... tomorrow ?"

"tomorrow sounds good" I said groaning

"promise ?"

"I promise across my heart " I joked

"goodnight cal" I said

"goodnight sky "

and we slowly fall asleep

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