my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


3. Luke what are you doing

••still at lunch••

"why don't you eat ?" Mackenzie asked

"oh I'm not hungry" I lied

"guys do you want to come over and play FIFA after school?"Calum said

they said yes and nodded

"Skyler are you coming too?" luke asked

"well I'm living there so yea I don't have a choice" I laughed

"do you want to come over too ?" I asked Mackenzie

"yes I'd love to !" she half screamed

we both giggled

-------- last class ------

"well hello class , today we have a new student joining us" miss Mendes said

I stood up and said "hey I'm skyler"

"welcome to our school skyler , you can sit next to Olivia"

I nodded and walked to the empty chair

I said nothing the first 30 minutes , I was thinking of Luke how he hold my hand and it felt so nice so save..

"we have to make pairs for your project , skyler you go with Olivia"

I snapped back to reality

"hey .. I 'm Olivia" I heard a soft voice said

"hey I'm skyler " I said

She had long brown hair and deep brown eyes , she kinda looked like Calum , she had a very trendy look , I liked it.

we finished our project , she was very nice but you could see that she let down a couple tears because her eyes where red and puffy

"are you okay Olivia ?" I asked slowly

"yes" she said half whispering

"you can tell me , you can trust me" I said putting my hand on her shoulder

"they have called me names again.." she said with tears in her eyes

I think she knows now she can trust me


"Susan and her friends"

class ended and I told her where I always sat with lunch so if there was anything she can always come to me for help

"skyler wait" I heard Luke coming closer he had a red head because he jogged

he twisted our fingers together and walked out of school

"well hello beautiful , how was your first day ?" he asked

"I guess fine yours ?" I said blushing

"better now I'm here with you" he said winking and laughing

"we should go now they will be waiting outside" I said laughing

he smiled

"LUKE,SKYLER IM HERE" I heard Calum yelling

we walked over to the car

Mackenzie was waking our way , I gave her a hug and said "hey bae , how are you?"

she laughed " I'm fine thank you"

I smiled

we all hopped into the car Calum and Luke in the frond , me and mack at the back

Ashton and Michael are coming with Ashton's car

•• at home ••

Calum's pov

skyler is acting weird

I haven't seen her eating once over the whole day

"Calum" I heard Luke say

"does skyler ever talks about me ?" he whispered very close to my ear so only I could hear it thru the music

"eeh that you're cool and stuff iguess " I answered

he nodded

we finally reached the house and we all hopped out the car

Skyler and Mackanzie where going upstairs and me and Luke played FIFA

•• Mackenzie's pov ••

skyler is a very good friend !

she diddnt even care about that I've said that I where bullied and that if she talked to me that she will probably will be bullied too

she just said that she don't care and that I looked nice

she is very sweet but she also knows what she wants

she's amazing

"woooow u have a lot of clothes" I said

"yea iknow and the baddest thing is that I only wear 7 shirts and 4 jeans out of all my clothes" She laughed

we talked about our lives and I had to tell her about Suzan ..

"skyler I have to tell you this " I said

"u can trust me ! you're my best friend .. if I can call u that because I only know you for a week or something" skyler said

"omygod ofcourse u can call me your best friend !" I half screamed

this was amazing I never really had a 'bestgirlfriend'

"okay , there is a girl called Suzan at our school and she's a bully , there are like a group of kids that got bullied by her and her 'friends' and I'm one of them but since I hang out with you she doesn't even looks at me anymore ! so I think she just stopped with calling me names and stuff but she once pouched me into a janitors room and locked the door and she just got home and the janitor found me 2 hours later an.." "SHE DID WHAT ?! WHAT THE FACK WHAT A BITCH, if she ever just touched you or even looks at you again I will attack her like I'm a police dog I swear!" skyler yelled

I had tears in my eyes and not even because of Suzan but because of skyler she is such a good friend !

••• skylers pov •••

and just one second something's popped in my head

- "they have called me names again" -

Olivia !

"do you know Olivia ?" I said

"yes! does she has long brown hair and brown eyes ?"

"yes ! does she got bullied too?"I said

"she's got bullied the most.." she half whispered

I got so mad

"What the hell is this ho thinking ?! she can't just bully you guys and ruin your lives ! when the weekend is over I'll go talk to her !" I said

"no skyler then you will get bullied too! you don't deserve that" she said

"you and Olivia doesn't ether !" I don't know why I yelled

she pushed me in a hug and cried

when we where done talking and I made her a little bit happy with my bad jokes we got down stairs

"do you wanna watch a movie with the guys ?" I asked

she nodded with a little smile

"hey guys" I said when I landed on the sofa

"hey sky and mack" Calum said

"heeeey" Michael said

"hello lady's" Ashton said with the you know '😏' face

"hey" Luke said shyly

"do you guys wanna watch a movie ?" I asked

they nodded

the sofa was too small for us and Luke already noticed because he sat on the ground

"can I sit next to you ?" I asked

"no , you have to" he smiled

I laughed

this boy gives me butterfly's ☺️

$$$$$$$ WRITERS NOTE $$$$$$

Well hello you 5sos fans

im sorry i ended this chapter here but its night in Holland and i am tiered af 😅

iknow it's boring but I will make it more romantic 🔥

and by the way WHAT THE F there are 242 people on this freaking earth that read this 🙆

thank you so much guys and I will probably update Saturday

loveyou 💋 Esmée

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