my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

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2. holyshiznipples

"sskkyylleeer where almost there! wake up the view is amazing!" my dad said enthusiastic

I slowly opened my eyes and looked out of the window "omygod dad you're right!" Australia looked beautiful.

then a woman said trough the speakers of the plain "where gonna land in a couple of minutes"

10 minutes after that where landed , everyone stand up so I just did the same thing like grab your bag and get off the plain

"I rent a car so we can ride by ourselves" dad said i nodded and followed him

there was little traffic so we can drive in once tho the house

Calum's pov

"maybe she's one of that crazy fans and take pictures of you every second" Michael joked

I fake smiled at him

"or she's hot as balls and you can't date her because she's your sister" he continued

"step-sister" I snapped

"wow you are nervous aren't you" Luke said

"yes I'm kinda nervous , what if she doesn't likes 5sos or me.." I said

before that someone could answer my mom yelled upstairs :

"Calum they got off the plain they will be here in a couple hours , can you make your room clean and make sure her room is clean as well ?"

"yes but can the boys stay ?" I yelled back

"I think they should come over later , you know I won't mind but maybe that will be too much impression at the same time , sorry boys" she yelled back

"it's okay , we understand !" Luke yelled

Ashton found a picture of skyler that mom gave me to let me see how skyler looked like

"holyshiznipples, she is pretty as hell" Ashton said

micheal and Luke laughed

"yea okay , I'll text when you guys can come over see you guys later!" I said ignoring what Ashton just said

"bye mate" Luke said as they leave

one hour later I heard a knock on the door

"there here"..

skylers POV

I got out of the car and I grabbed my bag

"this is it !" dad said

it was a very big house and there where a lot of flowers in the front-yard

I knocked the door and a woman opened it

"hey you must be skyler !" she said

my eyes winded open and I could end move

this is T H E mother of Calum hood

I quickly said "yes I am skyler nice to meet you !"

"I am joy , welcome to you're new home ! she gave me a hug and it felt kinda nice

and this is calum she stepped to the left and behind her was calum

"hey I'm calum nice to meet you skyler ! I'll help you with you're stuff unpacking if you want to ?"

I have to play it cool

"sure , tanks calum"

we walked upstairs and reached my room

it was huge

"do you know 5 seconds of summer ?" Calum asks unexpected

"yes i do , you're one of them right?" I said very calm as it was a normal question

"yes" he said with a smile

Calum's POV

she is shorter than I expected

and she is pretty but Ashton was right

I can't fall in love with her ! and it won't happen

as she unpacked her stuff I quested things like what kind of school she went and who her best friends where and what her favourite food was , everything I wanted to know

it I think I asked too much but she doesn't seem bothered about my questions

I like her she's nice but there is also a badass in there , she has the same taste in clothes as me and she's very confident

and i like it , we can be best friends because were clearly the same

"hey sky ?"

"sky? that's fast" she laughed

"oh sorry that went from itself" I laughed

"does that mean I can call you cal ?" she said kind of excited

"yes , agreed"

skylers pov

"dinner is ready" dad yelled

"coming !" I yelled back

when I came down dad , Joy and Calum where already downstairs

as we all start eating joy asks "and are you exited for your new school?"

I totally forgot about school

"no I am scared that I don't make friends and end up alone at a lunch table" I said half whispering looking at my plate

"but you go to the same school as I go too !" Calum said with a smile on his face

that kind of cheers me up because now I know that i won't be alone

•••••• next morning••••••••

"wake up honey it is your first day of school ! you don't want to be late!" dad said

"I am not good at waking up" I said to myself as I heard my dad laughing

I hopped out of bed and go to the bathroom I cleaned my face witch some cold water to wake me up and brush my hair , I don't ware makeup cause it makes my face feel weird

I slipped my regular black skinny jeans on and a green day shirt

I came downstairs and joy said "goodmorning honey ! I already packed your lunch and put it in your backpack"

"tanks joy! where is calum?"

"in the car waiting for you , have you already have breakfast ?" joy said

"yes" I lied

I got my backpack and hopped in the car calum smiled and started driving

we stopped in front of a house and calum said "we have to pick Luke up because I do that every morning" I nodded

a tall blond haired boy came out of the front door

I signed that I have to put my window down so I did

"wel hello beautiful I'm Luke Calum's best friend and who are you?"

"hello Luke , I'm Skyler Calum's stepsister" I laughed

Calum looked a little angry at Luke , Luke hopped at the backseats and we drove to school

we parked the car and walked tho the front door as people start looking at me I'm the 'new kid' right

I walked between Calum and Luke , and suddenly a boy with green eyes and blond hair blocked my way and said "did it hurt when you fall out of heaven?" I answered "no it did when I crawled out of hell" I laughed

Calum punched the kid out of my way and said "listen if you even near her again you're in trouble get it Austin ?" so his name was Austin "and who are you here boyfriend?" he said "no I'm her brother" i smiled and said to Austin "can you go away please we don't want to be late"

we walked to the directors office and I knocked on the door

"come in!"

"hello ik skyler , I'm new her

"we'll hello skyler I'm director Frico "

he hand me my schedule and locker numer and password I smiled and walked out of the office

before I can even look at my schedule calum toke it "nice the first three classes where together with Ashton Michael and Luke ! "

"when will I meet the other gu..LUKE CALUM WHERE HERE" someone yelled thru my sentence

we got over there and Michael walked to me and said "hey I'm Michael who are you?"

"skyler" I answered "oh you're Calum's hot little sister!" when his head turned red when he realised what he just said

I burst out laughing "have you said that ?" pointed to Calum

his head turned red "no.."

"hmhmm"Ashton said when he poked my waist

"hey guys I kinda like you" I said

"we like you too" Luke said "you're cool"

"yea just as we are " Ashton yelled

we got thru the classes and the bell rang

Michael yelled "LUNCH" "finally" I heard a girl whispering but she sad behind me so I can heard it

"hey I'm Skyler , I'm new here !" I said friendly

"you should not talking to me because then they will bully you to" she half whispered

"I don't care , you look nice and you're super pretty and I like your clothing" I said

it looks like I cheered her up because she said "hey skyler I'm Mackenzie !" she said with a little smile

"want to spent lunch together ?" I asked

she nodded

"do you know who calum hood is ?" I said

"yes he is very handsome" she said shyly when she blushes

"he is my brother" I said waiting for reaction

"omygod are you fucking serieus " she half yelled

we reached the boys as I introduce Mackenzie to the boys , they said hey and there names and we sat down

we sat there like

Ashton Michael Calum

Luke Me Mackenzie

we where just eating well , they did I didn't..

$$$$$$$$$ WRITERS NOTE $$$$$$$$$$$

hey I'm Esmee (I'm Dutch)

I have already 28 readers like wattafack that's insane 😱 tank you guys!

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💋 Esmee

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