my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


5. his number

calums pov

"wake up ! I have to talk to you ! " luke half yelled-whispered in my ear

"I'm awake .. I'm awake !" I said wile getting awake

"what the fuck are you doing !" he yelled

"skyler asked if I wanted to stay and I said yes but I didn't want to fall asleep but it just happened" i said slowly

"you like my sister don't you" he said unexpected

"w-wel Calum .. yes .. i love everything about her"

"the way she laughs .. how she don't gives a damn what other people think of her .. how she falls asleep how.." I was interrupted

"your helplessly in love" Calum laughs

"you're not mad ?"

"no because I know you will never hurt her and I think she likes you too" he said

"do you mean I can date her ?" I said with a smile

"yes , but if you hurt her you're dead " he said seriously

"I will never"


I woke up and looked at my phone it's 10:45

i dragged myself out of bed and got dressed

I slipped on my regular black skinny jeans and a long sleeved black-white baseball shirt with my white all stars

I walked to my bathroom and splashed some water in my face brushed my hair and walked downstairs

"goodmorning" Calum said

"morning" I said sleepy

I heard a knock on the door so I opened it

there stood 3 guys

"so you just rolled out of bed didn't you" Ashton laughed

"shut up ash" I snapped

"goood morning skyfly" Michael said

"morning Mickey" I laughed

"goodmorning beautiful" I heard a beautiful voice say

it was Luke

he hugged me

"goodmorning Luke" I said while I was blushing

for breakfast I've make some waffles

The boys played FIFA and I called Mackenzie

"heeee bae" I said

"hey sky" she laughed

"what are you doing today" I asked

"I have to go to my ant" she answered

"oh I wanted to ask if you wanted to come over"

"Im sorry sky"

"it's okay , have fun at your ants"

"thanks sky I will , I'll see you tomorrow bbyyeee"

"bye mack" I laughed

Luke walked past the table and lays sneaky a paper on the table

there where a number on it his number

I unlocked my phone and put his number into my phone

I sent him


'I'm in the backyard'


writers note

I'm sorry I didn't posted but my week was busy

school is the troublemaker

and I'm also sorry this is a short chapter but I'm ill and have to sleep 😩

the next one will be longer 😉

loveyou guys xoxo Es

ps - i'm starting another story about the sister of Luke who's coming back to him after a long time and she falls in love with Calum

it's not published yet 💪

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