my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


8. Calum's illness

my alarm was going off and I slowly opened my eyes

I turned it off and saw cal

"Cal wake up we have to get ready for school , it's Monday" I said with a half awake/asleep voice

he answered "I feel ill"

he looks kinda I'll too

"do I have to call school you're sick ?" I asked

"do you think they will believe you , a parent should call" he answered

"but our mom and dad are on a business trip , remember? I'll call I'm a good girl they will beleve me" I said proud

I hopped into the shower and got dressed

I put on my bathrobe brushed and blow dried my hair brushed my teeth and washed my face I walked into my room and first put on my underwear , duh

I slipped into my black skinny jeans with holes at my knees and a long sleeved dropdead/baseball shirt with my superstars , I curled up my pipes and got down stairs

it was only 7:35

I had plenty of time to eat breakfast

I called upstairs but got no respond

"Cal u okay?" I yelled

I ran upstairs and saw cal puke in the toilet

I rubbed his back

"I really can't go to school sky"

"no I see"

"I'll go and call school" I said running down

"yes hello this is Skyler Benson from class 2ka , my brother Calum Hood is ill and our parents are on a business trip so I had to call"

she said that it was okay that I called and that it was responsible from me #proud

I ran back upstairs and looked at the alarm clock it reads 7:45

shit I had to go

"okay cal listen" I said to a looking ill Calum who was sitting in my bed

"I go to school now , there is anything you need in the refrigerator I'll suggest to drink a lot of water and I don't think you're hungry , just try to sleep a lot " I said he nodded

"oh yea I'm free at 2 , text me if you're hungry and text me what your lunch wishes are ,loveyou bye" i kissed his forehead and ran downstairs

I grabbed my bag lunch money keys phone and hopped in the car

I reached school and looked at the bell 7:55

I've done this quick

I hopped out of the car and walked past the 'popular people table' ugh I hate those guys

"hey skyler" Mackenzie said

"hey bae" I smiled

we walked thru the hall to our locker and put our stuff in (mack her locker is 5 away from mine)

"what do you have first?" I asked

"math , you?" she answered

"same , I guess we have a lot the same" I smiled

we walked to the classroom and take our sites

slowly everybody came in and I saw Michael Luke and Ashton

I smiled and waved , they waved back

we sat there like

unknown Luke. Michael

Mackenzie me. Ashton.

"Goodmorning class , take your sites and grab your books"

it was a nice young woman I think she's up to 27 she where pretty tough

"and you have to be skyler " she said friendly

I nodded

"welcome to our school skyler , hope u like it so far ?"

"yes ma'am , nice to meet you" I said with a smile

she smiled and toke her site behind her desk

Ashton asked where Calum where

"cal is ill , he had to puke" I answered

they nodded and Michael makes a nasty face

"but we have a band practice today" Ashton said

"well I don't think he sounds good now" Luke said laughing

I grinned and Luke winked

class went by fast and so do the last too before lunch

I where having biology whit out mack and the boys and in 3 minutes the bell should rang

"finally" I said to myself

a boy next to me laughed

"you're new aren't you?" he asks

"I where here Friday too but you weren't here" I answered

"I where I'll"

"ah I see , my brother has the flu now" I answered

"oh I didn't had the flu" he said looking at his shoes

"oh what was it then" I asked

the bell rang

"nothing , see ya around" he said trying to ignore my question

I walked thru the hall to go to mack and theboys

suddenly I saw 2 girls who where yelling at a girl who cried

"what are you doing" I asked

"that's non of it damn business" she said bitchy

the other girl whispered something in her ear

"oh I'm sorry I yelled at you" she said unexpected

"wow u change fast"

"u okay?" I said pointed to the girl who cried

she shakes her head

"c'me one" I said as I stoke my hand out

she grabs it and I pull her up we walked to the girls bathroom and she spoke

"thank you so so so much for saving me" she said hugging me

"you're welcome honey" I said smiling

"who where that?" asked

"that's Susan and one of her minions" she said wiping tears away and fixing her mascara in the mirror

I became so mad that I walked out of the bathroom and walked to Susan

"who the hell do you think you are , you can't just bully people and ruin there life just to full up you're empty little life , go to the mall or something instead of doing this" I yelled

she stepped forth "oh honey your messing with the wrong person , you want me to be on your side cause i am the popular girl on this whole school and everybody does what I say" she said as she was the fucking queen or something

"even if you where fucking god , I wil never do what you say or want I'm not one of your little 'friends' who are not even really a friend just a lonely girl who wants to be a part of something" I said

"oh honey you're so so wrong" she laughed

"and the biggest mistake is that you think Calum likes you , he will never fall for a girl like you. he is mine go and stay away from him" she snapped

I laughed really hard

"oh 'honey' I have seen paperclips smarter than you , I'm not Calum's girlfriend I'm his sister" I said laughing

"and he gives about me a lot , he hates everyone I hate so better go out of my way and stop bothering Mackenzie and Olivia ? good have a nice day honey bye" I said as a bitch

she turned away thinking fuck

and i walked outside

to the table of the boys and mack where already there

"I had a little bitchfight with Suzan" I said angrily

"are you hurt" Ashton said scared

I shake my head

"what ?! what does she say ? where you mad?" Mackenzie freaked out

"mack I don't think she is gonna bother you again "

the bell rang and we had to go back to class

the time went by fast and I where free

I called Calum

"hey how are ya doing babyboy" I said as he where a baby

"I'm feeling much sicker as I where this morning" he said and you could here that his nose where full

"aaww I'm coming home right now ! are u hungry?"

"I would like some chicken noodles" he said

"okay see you in 15 minutes "

I walked outside school and saw Luke

"hello beautiful" he said what makes me blush

"hey Luke" I said smiling

"I didn't talk to you today , makes me sad" he said making a sad face

"you can come with me as I get some noodles for cal" I suggested happy

"I'd love to" he takes my hand and we walked to the car

we hopped in and I drove to a Thai restaurant

"do you want to wait in the car or do you want to come with me ?" I asked

"I'll wait here"

I nodded and hopped out of the car and walked into the restaurant

"hello" a pretty young Thai girl said with an accent

her name tag said : Yasmin

"hey , can I get two noodle soup with chicken flavour" I asked friendly

"of course" she smiled

in 5 minutes it was done

I had to pay 8,- so it wasn't expensive

I said bye and walked to the car

"hi" Luke said

"hey" I said as I placed the plastic bag with noodles between Luke's legs

"u sure you want to put it there" he laughed

"oh thank you now I have to thing about that when I eat it" I laughed

"u get used to it"he said laughed

I don't get what he meaned with that

I drove past Luke's house and he hopped out of his site and put the noodles between my legs while he smirked

he walked to the other side of the car to my window

"I had fun this 10 minutes" he smiled

"me too" I laughed

"I have to go Calum is waiting for me" I said

we said bye hugged and I drove home

I locked the door and walked upstairs with the noodles

"Skyler" Calum said as a happy kid

"hey cal , how do you feel ?" I asked laughing

I gave him his noodles and chopsticks

"a little better" he didn't sound better tough

I hopped next to him in bed and turned the TV on

"how was school?"

"I had a bitch fight with a Susan or something"

he almost spit his noodles out

"and?" he said shocked

"she thought that I where your girlfriend"

he burst out laughing and so do I

"and I told her to stop bullyingMackenzie and other people"

"your such a good girl" he said slurping a noodle

"in California where I the 'popular' girl but I have never bullied"

"but what makes you popular?" he joked

I fake laughed and continue eating

when we where ready I throw the cups away

I walked to the bathroom

"skyler what's the time ?" cal asked

"I don't know I'm on the toilet here's no clock go check my phone" I yelled back

I came back and saw Calum on my phone reading text from me and Luke

"so you like Luke" he said smirking

"no" I said grabbing my phone

"the boys are coming in 15 minutes" he smirked

"no Calum you have to take it easy , you're sick!"

"we actually had band practice but our manager called that if I couldn't come the practice where canceled , so the boys are coming to my house and play FIFA instead"

"you have to promise that you're gonna take it easy" I said

"yes skyler i promise I'll take it easy"

5 minutes later the boys where downstairs I where upstairs making homework

suddenly Michael stood in my room "hey sky"

"hey mikey"

"do you like Luke ?" he said unexpected

"what why !? has he said something ?who wants to know?"

"wow easy skyler I wanted to know" he said laughing

"no you don't" I said smirking

"just say it do you like Luke ?"

"well yes Michael I have a little crush on him but he will never like me back I mean come on look at me look at Luke"

"I'm going to tell him" he said as he ran out my room

"NO" I said running

"if you gonna tell Luke that I have a crush on him I'll kill u" I said I jumped on his back and we fell at the end of the stairs

"I don't have to" he said smirking

I looked up and saw all the boys looking at us

no no no no

writers note

hey you 5sos fans

I have 3k readers! that really means a lot to me

so thank you for that 👅

I hope u like this chapter

xx Es

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