my new stepbrother

skyler has to move , her dad fall in love with a new women and she's kinda exited about it but then she finds out who her new step-brother is .. if you want to know what happens next , just read !

and comment what you think of it if have read it xx


4. butterflies

"i am hungry" I said as I paused the movie

"god I thought that nobody would say that" Michael groaned

"why don't you just said it " Calum asks

"because then I feel fat" he laughed

me and Mackenzie giggled

"what do you guys want ?" Calum asked

"pizza !" me Luke and Michael said at the same time

we looked at each other and burst out laughing

"what kind of pizza do you guys want ?" I asked

Michael said Hawaii

Luke pepperoni

Ashton cheese

Calum pepperoni

and mack and I Hawaii as well

the movie ended and the pizzas where on there way

"wanna play truth or dare?" Ashton asked

we all nodded

"Luke , truth or dare ?"


"do you have a crush on someone ?" he asked with a smile looked like he did this deliberately

"y-yes I do" he stuttered

"who!?" he half yelled

yes who Luke WHO

"you can only ask one question" he smiled


it's Luke's turn

"Mackenzie truth ore dare ?"

"dare" she said

didn't expect that

"I dare you to kiss Calum on his cheek"

I looked at Luke like what the fuck and looked over at mack she didn't mind and just kissed his cheek

Calum smiled


I missed something

the bell rang and I stood up

there stood a cute pizza guy

"hello , how much does it costs ?" I asked

"nothing if you hopped in bed with me right now" he said

"no think you I just want to pay" I said with a fake smile

"oh come on your hot and so am I" he said while touching my shoulder and dragging his fingers down do my butt

"Fuck of and just let me pay!" I yelled

Luke hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek

witch cause me to blush

"what's the problem babe?" Luke asked

when I blush even more cause he called me babe

"he touched me"

you saw him getting angry

"what the fuck you pervert !" he yelled

"I didn't know she was token I'm sorry!" he said running away from my door but he let the pizzas standing in front of us

he hugged me "you okay?"

"yes tanks Luke" I kissed his cheek

"what took you so long ?" Ashton asked

"the pizza guy wanted me to hop in bed with him but Luke pretended that he was my boyfriend so he's gone now" I explained like it was normal

Ashton smirked

"he doesn't want to pretend " he said under his breath

I blushed and so did Luke

we just are the pizzas and I asked mack if she wanted to sleep here but het mom don't let her it was 8 pm and mack had to go home

"it was fun" she said wile hugging me

"cause of you " I said hugging her back

"soooo what's up with you and Calum" I asked

"noting" while blushing

I laughed and said goodbye

I went back inside

"want to watch another movie ?" I asked

they nodded and I put in the fault in our stars

"this is a girl movie" Michael groaned

"shut up and watch"

I sad next to Luke again and my eyes where getting heavy

"can we cuddle ?" I asked

"of course" he said with a smile and lifted his arm

I fall asleep in his arms


she fall asleep in my arms

she's so cute

"you like my sister don't you" Calum asked

"she's beautiful" I said half whispering

"she's off limits" he said


"should I take her upstairs ?" Calum asked

"no I can handle it , I mean she weighs nothing "

i lifter her up

her head was laying on my chest

I founded her room and placed her into her bed

it was a king-size bed and her room was white grey and black

i kissed her forehead and walked away

suddenly she toke my hand and asked half in her sleep "can you stay please ?" she asked

"of course I can" I smiled

I layd next to her and she crashed her head into my chest

and we both fall asleep ..


"where is Luke ?" Calum asked a little too hard

"he is upstairs with sky.." Aston said slowly

oeeeeeeeeh cliffhanger , well sort of

hey you 5sos fans

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I know this chapter is boring but I'll try my best !

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