Don't Let Me Fall

December Jones is on the right path. With a full scholarship to California State University, she's got no time for things like dating,fun,friends,and especially not love. That horrible four letter word is the reason she's in California, trying to forget her huanted,scarred past...

Luke Hemmings is the absolutely the type of guy she needs to avoid. He's the player. The sexist pig. The bad boy. She'll just get distracted by him. Luke doesn't believe in love. He lives in the now, not in the future or the past. He has demons of his own. And maybe they're to blame for his actions.

But Luke is relentless. And December gives in. And she has no idea that Luke's sudden interest in her, is going to hurt her even more than her past...


1. The Past Hurts...

It's cold. Very cold. And that annoys the crap out of me. I can feel my teeth chattering. My head hurts. I can't move. That scares me.

I hear a loud slam. A truck? I will myself to open my eyes and look up. I can barely make out two figures by the truck nearly twenty feet away. "What did you give her?!", a familiar voice demands. It's Johnny, my brother. He punches the second figure. Hard.

I try to get up, but something trips me. I look down. My underwear are bunched up around my ankles. Oh,god. No. Two comforting arms wrap around me and I look back up. It's Thomas, my other brother." It's okay,December. You'll be okay.", he promises. He holds me up against his chest. No...

"What did you do to her?!", Johnny demands again. He punches him in the face once more.

"Stop!!! All she had was Ambien!!! ", Ethan,my boyfriend screams. Oh god. No. No. "She knew what she was doing. That bitch begged me to hit it!". He shouldn't have said that. Both Johnny and Thomas are on him now.

Screams fill the air. "What did you do?!!", I cry into the night. But I already know. I can tell from the stain on my dress. No. I can tell from my busted lip. No. I can tell from the burning sensation in between my legs. No, oh god, please no!

I slowly stand and pull up my underwear. And walk right into the comforting arms of my brothers.


I pull into the parking lot of CSU and sigh as I pull the key from the ignition. I finally made it to California. All the way from that small town in Tennessee.

No one expected me to pick a school so faraway. Hell, I didn't even expect to. But when the scores from my SAT's came in the mail, I was frantic. A 2390, damn near perfect. That meant a full scholarship. And that meant choices.

The next day as I slid the acceptance letter from CSU over to Mommers, I smiled and quickly stopped. This place may have held painful memories, but it also held dreams.

I get out of the old rusted truck and grab the first box. My happy memories. I start my walk up to the building. I cut across the grass and play with my silver ring on my thumb. No going back. I hear a scream and I whip my head in that direction. Someone is running at me. Full speed. Before I have time to move, I'm on the ground with some stranger's lips on mine.


Hey guys!!!,

Thank you all for reading. Expect a new chapter soon. I know, short chapter. I'll try and make the next longer. Anyway, thanks for all the support! Love you guys!


- StrangerInParadise.

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