Don't Let Me Fall

December Jones is on the right path. With a full scholarship to California State University, she's got no time for things like dating,fun,friends,and especially not love. That horrible four letter word is the reason she's in California, trying to forget her huanted,scarred past...

Luke Hemmings is the absolutely the type of guy she needs to avoid. He's the player. The sexist pig. The bad boy. She'll just get distracted by him. Luke doesn't believe in love. He lives in the now, not in the future or the past. He has demons of his own. And maybe they're to blame for his actions.

But Luke is relentless. And December gives in. And she has no idea that Luke's sudden interest in her, is going to hurt her even more than her past...


2. Slick-Mouth Hottie...

I moan against this stranger's lips and feel myself blush. I bring my knee up and he rolls off me biting his tongue. I back up. His family jewels may be bruised but he'll live. He smiles up at me. "We'll, aren't you something different?", he says. I start to pick up all of my stuff. I look up and notice the rest of his buddies. They're laughing. It was all some kind of joke!

I give them all my well accustomed friend: the wonderful middle finger, waving it in front of me. They're not laughing anymore. They do look familiar... I look back down at they're kissing friend. He looks familiar, too. Blonde hair, blue eyes,lip ring. Yet none of that tips me off. Then I notice the Nirvana T- shirt he has on.

Holy shit!!! I just busted a celebrities balls! Isn't that like...illegal?! I sure hope not. "Ow! Okay! I think I'm okay!", Luke Hemmings says. Phew! I walk up to the stairs and grip the box. "Wait!!! Hey wait!!!", he calls. I stop and turn.

"Something you wanted, jackass?", I quip. He smirks. It's kinda cute... I shake my head. I don't have time for love.

"You've got a hell of an knee there!", he comments. I nod.

"And I'm not afraid to use it again,so, out of the way rock star." I continue walking and enter the building. I look behind me. He's following. I roll my eyes. "Go back to your friends. Or better yet, go screw yourself!", I yell. I keep walking. He keeps following.

"I never got your name.", he says. I shrug a 'not my problem' and keep going until I reach my room. I unlock it, and lay the box gently on the bed closest to the door. I exit and find him standing there. He smiles at me. I frown. Girls walk by us, winking and smiling at Luke as they pass. I almost throw up my lunch as the twirl their hair around their finger. Uh,gross.

"So, I'm Luke. And you are?", he asks. He holds out a hand. I look at it and shake my head.

"Oh, I know who you are. Trust me. You're on my Ipod.", I say. He chuckles. "Why did you kiss me?".

He laughs. Everything is so damn funny to this guy! "It was an accident really!", he admits. Oh, how romantic. "At first.". Oh. Okay... Yeah. Wow. "Cal was messing around and threw a baseball at Mike's head. Mike got mad and they started yelling". He pauses to make sure in listening. I am. "So, I got really freaking tired of it. I asked them to stop. They both grabbed two of my Nirvana T's and gave them away. I was chasing after the two who had the shirt when I bumped into you.", he says, flashing me a cocky grin.

"That still doesn't explain how you were-".

He smiles. "I was getting to that!", he states obviously. "We'll, when I bumped into you, I noticed how pretty you were. And I wanted to say sorry for making you fall. So I kissed you as a peace treaty.". I nod. I'm done with this weirdo. I'm about to give him some phony damn excuse when his phone rings. He pulls it out.

"Hello. Okay. Alright. Be there in five.", he says into the phone and hangs up. "I have to go but first...I need a name. "

I smile. "It's the month of my birth.", I say simply. He smiles. I'm not giving him another hint. It doesn't matter. After today, I'll never be seen with Luke Hemmings again.

"Aww come on!!! You don't trust me with your name?",he asks. I shake my head. He kissed me. He's a stranger.

"Trust needs to be earned.", I whisper,shutting the door. Last year, that would've been really helpful to know.


Hey Guys!

Oh. Okay... Yeah. Wow. I love you guys so much for reading. Next chapter is kinda flipped Yeah! Thanks for all your support! New chapter will be posted soon. I'm so tired. Night.


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