Don't Let Me Fall

December Jones is on the right path. With a full scholarship to California State University, she's got no time for things like dating,fun,friends,and especially not love. That horrible four letter word is the reason she's in California, trying to forget her huanted,scarred past...

Luke Hemmings is the absolutely the type of guy she needs to avoid. He's the player. The sexist pig. The bad boy. She'll just get distracted by him. Luke doesn't believe in love. He lives in the now, not in the future or the past. He has demons of his own. And maybe they're to blame for his actions.

But Luke is relentless. And December gives in. And she has no idea that Luke's sudden interest in her, is going to hurt her even more than her past...


3. Heaven On Earth...

I never thought much about college. It was a dream, a distant fantasy of mine. But I had achieved another dream. I had gotten signed, along with Cal,Ash, and Mikey, to Hey Or Hi Records. We made it. And 5 Seconds Of Summer was finally real. I had made it.

So when I found out all of us could spend one semester at CSU with full scholarships, I was ecstatic. We all were ended up packing our stuff and coming here.

And our first day, my Nirvana T's were being sold: Five bucks a pop. I raced after them and didn't notice the girl in front of me. I ran right into her, and she looked pretty. I wanted to say sorry, but somehow, my lips found hers and goddamn! Kissing her was like heaven on Earth.

I got a real reward for that. A knee to the balls. An she even knew who I was. She's a real smart ass. I liked that. She was really pretty. Oh who am I kidding she was beautiful. Her curly brown hair tumbled down her back effortlessly, with red streaks in it as we'll. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a Beatles T, black boots, and a black leather jacket. She was totally rocker. But her big, bright, green eyes are what attracted me to her. They looked...sad. And she acted as if she didn't trust people easily. She wouldn't even tell me her name. I have a clue though.

I walk down the stairs and head back up to the guys. They're still laughing. Assholes. "Really? Why'd you sell my things?", I ask,annoyed. Cal shrugs. Mikey smiles. Ash shakes his head. I hate all of them. Kinda.

"Let's go eat. I'm SO hungry.", Mikey complains. I nod. I'm kinda hungry,too. We all pile into Ash's truck and head to our favorite restaurant, Burger Bro's.

We pull into the parking lot. I can't stop thinking about Ms. Rocker.( That's what I'm calling her now). She smiled when I told her about Nirvana. She must like music. "Dude, she's asking you a question!", Calum says,pushing me. I turn half my attention to the brunette in front of me.

"What would you like to drink?",she asks, twirling her hair.

I keep it short and simple." Uh, a Pepsi." She walks away disappointed, I didn't acknowledge her flirting. Cal watches her walk away. He turns and smacks me with the menu. "Dude! What the hell!", I yell.

"She was totally into you. Are you thinking of that victim you ran over earlier?". I shake my head. Maybe a little. "Yes you are. I think you need a bet. ", Cal says.

"No man. I'm good." He doesn't listen. He says something I don't wanna hear.

"If you can get her to go to the first ball with you at the end of the semester and make her attractive, I'll pay you Three hundred. Double if she falls for you and says the words.", he says. Why am I thinking of doing exactly that. I've always been a player. So...why stop now?

For the money, I say one word that seals the bet.




I hope you all enjoyed this flipped chapter. It'll be like this a while. I hope you like the story in both December and Luke's perspective. Talk to you guys next update!



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