Don't Let Me Fall

December Jones is on the right path. With a full scholarship to California State University, she's got no time for things like dating,fun,friends,and especially not love. That horrible four letter word is the reason she's in California, trying to forget her huanted,scarred past...

Luke Hemmings is the absolutely the type of guy she needs to avoid. He's the player. The sexist pig. The bad boy. She'll just get distracted by him. Luke doesn't believe in love. He lives in the now, not in the future or the past. He has demons of his own. And maybe they're to blame for his actions.

But Luke is relentless. And December gives in. And she has no idea that Luke's sudden interest in her, is going to hurt her even more than her past...


4. Agree To Disagree...

I look around the room. Seems like my roommate is already moved in. I start to take out my American Idiot posters. I place it on the wall. Perfect. Next is pictures. "I really should've left theses at home." They're all pictures from back then. Pictures from before.

Five minutes later, everything is ready. I spread my bright green comforter on the bed. "I see you've made yourself at home.", a cheery voice says. I whip my head back and look over at the girl in the door. She looks a lot like Michael from 5SOS: Bright pink hair, brown eyes, and a nose ring. She has a slight British accent. I like that.

"Yeah. I really needed to unpack." I look over at the empty box on my bed.

"Oh my god!", she squeals, racing over to a poster on my wall,"You like SOS?!". I nod.

"My favorite's "The Only Reason".", I admit. She grabs my hands and jumps up and down.

"You have to come to the mixer tonight! They're playing there. It'll be totally fun!", she screams.

"I don't know! I'm not really big on crowds." And it's true. In fact, I don't like being touched, talking to people, or going out. I'm you're everyday depressed teen.

"But you're my friend! Friends stick together!" Amen sister. "Please! Just this time!". I might just cave. Those big brown eyes are pleading...

"Oh fine! Just this time! And I'm going in this!". I realize I don't even know this girl. Do I really need friends? "What's your name by the way?", I ask. I lay back on my bed. Do I really need friends? Maybe...

"Natalie. I'm from London. Hence the accent. And I love rock music and 5SOS." Oh yeah, we were gonna be best friends.

And that scares the shit out of me.


I walk around the huge lawn of the Delta House and wish I had stayed in the dorm. It's loud here. And the smell of sweat and booze is like an invisible wall all around me. "Come on! We're gonna go find the band!", Natalie yells over the sappy song we all listen to when were young and and hella heartbroken.

She pulls me along and I close my eyes as people bump into me. I HATE being touched. We stop in front of a huge stage. "How in the hell did they get a stage?!", I yell. Natalie shrugs and looks at what's on TOP of the stage. I look elsewhere. I'm not in the mood to be kissed again.

"Do you not see this!", she screams,gesturing up. I nod. I saw one of them a few hours ago... I smile at Natalie's face as she watches the boys set up. "Oh! It's Michael! I love him!", she says.

"You two would be good together!", I scream over the loudness. She smiles and tries to get his attention. People start crowding in. Great! Bring on the comfort! I close my eyes each time someone shuffles past me. I shouldn't have come...

"ARE YOU READY!!!", Calum yells into the mike. It's answered by a loud yell.

"HELL YEAH!!!". I glance up at the band and guess who catches my eye? Goddamn Luke Hemmings! He smiles at me and I see a gleam of mischief in his eyes. Oh no. He steps up to the mike and says something I don't expect. He calls me.

"Ms. Rocker? Come on, I know you're out there!",he yells. Even though he called 'Ms. Rocker' , I know it's me. "Even if you don't come up,this song is for you." The band starts to play a song I know all to well. I Can't Remember. I smile knowing it's for me. I don't need love. Do I? Wait a minute? Who said anything about love.

"I wonder who Ms. Rocker is?", Natalie asks. I shrug. Even though it's me, I don't know either.

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