Holding onto a secret

at Hogwarts molly is faced with new adventures


3. On the train getting to know each other

     Authors note : I haven't gotten all of my characters in yet but I felt like adding them in as I go and yes you can still create your character If you want I will be picking a few more. Thanks, bella                                           I was setting alone in my compartment until a girl with  light brown/ blond hair walk in and greeted  me with, "hi I'm Riley Thomas ".                           I replied back with " hi my name is Molly Edwards  and this is my cat Clair is this your first year to?"                                                                               " yes but my parents told me all aboutHogwarts   I'm a half blood." 

"What's a half blood?"

" There are several different ways we classify witches and wizards you sea a half blood is when on of your parents Has the ability to do magic and one dose not, a pure blood is when both your parents are  magical , there are also muggle borns this is when both your parents are not magical. So what class are you in?"

"I'm a half blood my mums normal and my dad who was a wizzard but when I was three he decided to leave me and mum."

"oh how sad!i don't know what I would do without my parents."

"It's ok I can deal with it so tell me a little about Hogwarts."

" Well there are four houses gryfindor, ravenclaw,hufflepuff ,and slythrien  gryfindor is for the brave, hufflepuff  is for the loyal , ravenclaw is for the smart,and slythrien is for the cunning."

"what house do you think you'll get into?"

" I don't know well just have to wait and see."


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