Holding onto a secret

at Hogwarts molly is faced with new adventures


6. Can I join you?

 " mind if I set with you?," a girl  with curly blond hair asked.

" Sure we were just talking about Hogwarts are you excited?," I replied.

" What's your blood status and witch house do you want to be in.,"asked Riley . 

" I'm a pure blood," she said  said nervously pushing up her red hipster glasses. "But I don't know what house I want to be in yet. I have a cat but it was to big to carry on and by the way I'm viola."

" how about us three be friends?," asked a energetic Riley. 

"Ok," voila  said 

" yeah that would be awesome ," I replied 

authors note : this is all Molly's p.o.v and less marked otherwise  


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