Holding onto a secret

at Hogwarts molly is faced with new adventures


10. A/N

Ok so I'm finally back, yay! I will be able to update more often now, I really honestly don't know where I'm going with this story but I will try to finish it, I know earlier in the book j said you can add more characters, well u still can, just if you have already created a character and it has been accepted into my story, plz do not make any more on thirst story, but soon in one of my other stories I will hold a character compition and I will pick a few winners, plz feel free to make a character there, but there will be difrent standees as it is not a wizarding world fanfic check out my new book: Just Starting Out! There will be weekly updates on all my stories from now on,

Thanks for reading,

Bella Rose Riddle

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