He's the leader of a mafia. A gang. Ruthless and powerful in anyway possible. They have enemies and connections. He plays a dangerous game. One he enjoys. Surrounded by guns and drugs, he feels unstoppable. No one is going to dethrone him. He always wins and he always rules.

She's innocent and has a future she already planned. Her life is perfect and she's destined for greatness. She has goals she plans to reach, colleges that beg her to join their school and people that adore her.

When she tumbles into the world of Mafia, unaware of the brutal world that was just under her nose. The world of drugs, violence and pacts is foreign to her. He helps her because once you're in the world of Mafia, there is no way out.


25. Chapter XXV : we're going home

|| Hazel ||


"Luke!" I shouted as I was yet again the damsel in distress.

"Don't tire your voice sweetheart," Thomas said. He balanced me on his shoulder and bicep. My legs weren't bound together but Thomas' strong grip kept my legs together. My hands, on the other hand, were tied. I examined the knots whenever we passed under a light. I made an attempt to squint my eyes to get a better look, but it was too dark.

"He'll kill you," I finally said.

Thomas cackled, "Sure thing, sweetheart."

"Stop calling me sweetheart," I muttered. The sound of a door being opened made me turn my body to see behind me. Thomas was walking into a room. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled my nose. We were in the kitchen, I guessed.

"Travis, get a few of the soldiers and stop Luke. I don't want him catching up to us, but don't kill him. That's my job," Thomas said. My heart skipped a beat. 

"Sure thing, don," I assumed it was Travis who responded. 

"You won't get away with this," I spoke. "Luke will come for me." I examined the knot once again. I looked at the rope carefully and began trying to untie it with my mouth. It had a terrible taste, but it was my final attempt. I sank my teeth in the rope and pulled. Looped my tongue into crevasses and used my teeth again to pull. 

"Hazel!" It was Luke. I snapped my head up and looked at the door we had entered from. There was a single gunshot. My eyes widened and my heart crawled in my throat. 

"Luke!" I shouted as I tried to wiggle out of Thomas' arms, but I had no luck. Thomas opened another door and a sudden gust of wind made goosebumps rise on my skin. We were outside. Under the black sky. The clouds moved quickly and occasionally covered the moon. "Where are you taking me?" 

"Don't worry about it," Thomas simply replied. The gravel crunched under his heavy feet.

The rope was still around my hand, but it was loose enough so that I can forcefully slip my hands through. I began pulling my hand back. I felt the rope cutting off my circulation when I got above my wrist. I squished my hand together and pulled on the rope with my teeth. Finally, my hand slipped through. I breathed out and easily slipped my left hand out as well. 

I finished untying the rope and pulled on it lightly. I had a plan. It will probably result in death, hopefully not mine. I twisted my body and wrapped the rope around Thomas' neck. He quickly let go of my legs and clawed at the rope. I swung my legs around and locked them around his waist. 

He reached behind him and grabbed my arms. He pulled me off and sent me flying. My body hit the side of a car. Causing alarms to go off. I groaned as I tried to lift my head. I was in a lot of pain at the force Thomas inflicted on me as he threw me. My muscles were aching. 

"You think you can kill me, huh?" Thomas now stood over me. He dragged me away from the car. My skin scraped the gravel and I felt the sting of fresh wounds. He straddled me and wrapped his hands around my neck. I kicked my feet and tried to get his hands off of me. "Not so pretty when you're the one losing air, ain't it?" He tightened his grip and I opened my mouth, hoping to catch some air. 

My lungs screamed for air. This is it. This is how I'm going to die. At the hands of the man who had brought me into this mess in the first place. I began losing conscious. My eyelids glazed over. I felt myself going under. I felt myself dying.  

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