He's the leader of a mafia. A gang. Ruthless and powerful in anyway possible. They have enemies and connections. He plays a dangerous game. One he enjoys. Surrounded by guns and drugs, he feels unstoppable. No one is going to dethrone him. He always wins and he always rules.

She's innocent and has a future she already planned. Her life is perfect and she's destined for greatness. She has goals she plans to reach, colleges that beg her to join their school and people that adore her.

When she tumbles into the world of Mafia, unaware of the brutal world that was just under her nose. The world of drugs, violence and pacts is foreign to her. He helps her because once you're in the world of Mafia, there is no way out.


19. Chapter XIX : this is war

|| Luke ||


I really didn't know why I kissed Hazel. I had an interest in her, yes, but I felt guilty. Sure she didn't pull away when I did kiss her. I shook the thoughts out of my head. We spoke to each other throughout the day, but an awkward tension hangs between us. One that wasn't there before the kiss. Maybe I'm just exaggerating. 

I concentrated on what I was doing before, reloading the weapons with ammo. I've been sleep deprived these past thew days. The only thing keeping me awake during the day is caffeine. I yawned for the hundredth time this past hour. Michael patted me on my back and smiled. 

"You okay, Luke?" He asked. 

I nodded, "Just a bit tired."

"Get some sleep, you haven't been getting much sleep and you're the one that's been busting their ass the most with the night shifts," he said. "Go get some rest, we'll call you if anything comes up." 

"Sounds good," I said and set the ammo down before shuffling out of the weapon room. "I'll be behind the bookshelf." 

"Alright," Michael replied as I left the room and climbed the stairs to the second floor. I rubbed my eye and opened the doors to my office. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep good in my bedroom, so I turned to the only place that would tease my stress. 

I pushed the bookshelf and was surprised that I saw Hazel laying on the bed. Her back was to me and she was facing Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night. I cleared my throat and Hazel turned her head. She saw me and immediately got up, "Oh, Luke, sorry. I didn't know you came in."

"It's fine, I'll leave if you want, you can stay," I said.

"No! No, it's my fault, I'll go, you need sleep anyways," she shifted from one foot to another. 

I sighed and walked towards the bed before laying down on the edge. Hazel only stood there. I looked at her, "You gonna join me or what?"  

She was hesitant but lay back down where she was before. We were both far apart. I stared up at the ceiling, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Hazel asked. 

"You know for what," I replied. "I shouldn't have done it, it wasn't appropriate and I didn't have your consent." 

"Don't worry about it Luke, I didn't mind," She paused. "Get some rest." 

"Don't need to ask me twice," I said as my eyes began to glaze over. I let the sleep take me. I let it numb my body, my senses, my mind. 


|| Hazel || 


I heard shouting, followed my gun shots. I froze, I didn't know what to do. Another attack, I thought. There was more shouting, this time it was muffled. Footsteps raced around the house. There was suddenly pounding on the door. 

"Luke!" Michael shouted, "It's SOPRANO, they've come before." 

I shook Luke's shoulder, "Luke." 

He woke up, alert and ready, "What's going on?"

"SOPRANO," I said. 

He nodded and walked towards the door, I followed him but he turned to me, "Stay here." 

"What if they find me?" I asked. He went towards Dali's painting and took it down, revealing a secret stash. He opened the small door and pulled out a dagger. Luke hung up the painting once again and handed me the dagger. 

"Use this," he said and opened the door. I found myself alone, standing in a room with paintings. I sighed and looked down at the dagger in the hands. The hilt was silver and the blade itself was a light bronze color. 

I jumped slightly when I heard the first round of gunshots. Luke was shouting orders, his voice was angry. Dripping with pure hate. I walked towards the bookshelf and pulled the door open. I sheathed the dagger and stuffed it through my belt hoop. 

It took all my strength to open the door. I slipped through the small slit that I made and saw that Luke's office was consumed by darkness. The windows were barricaded by metal. My hand fell on the handle of the dagger as I pushed my back against the wall. I tried to open the doors but they were locked. 

"Luke, over there!" Calum shouted. I really didn't know what to do. Luke told me to stay here, but I couldn't just be a sitting duck and wait for someone to come and get me again. I jumped when bullets penetrated against the metal barricades that were outside the windows. 

I immediately dropped to the floor, just in case the barricades weren't able to shield the bullets. I dragged my body towards the couch. My phone vibrate din my back pocket, I reach behind me and looked at the screen. Aurora. Shit. 

I answered and pulled it to my ear, "Hey!" I tried to hide the panic in my voice.

"Hey Hazel! How are things going?" She asked. 

"They're," I paused, "Fun." Another round was shot at the windows and I tucked my head under my hand. 

"What's that noise?" Aurora asked. "It was extremely loud!" 

"Someone fell," I lied, out of breath as I dragged my body across the floor. 

"Hazel, someone did not fall," She said sternly. "What is going on?"

"The headquarters is being attacked," I replied. 

"What!" She shouted. "Where is Luke?" 

"Defending the building," I replied. 

"Where are you?" 

"I am in his office, trying to get out," I explained. 

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" She said. 

"No, I just-" I trailed off. "I'm going back." 

"Hazel, we need to get you out of there, you're not safe," Aurora said. 

"I'm also not safe back home, Thomas is trying to get me. I've already been kidnapped three times maybe. Luke has gotten me out of all those situations, so if you even think I'm leaving his side right now, you're wrong. I'm staying and that's final." I got up and made a run for it to the room before slipping through the small entrance and pushing the shelf closed. "Is that all you called for?" 

"Hazel, your dad has officially left his mistress," She said.

I stopped, "He has?"

"It seems like your parents are getting along a lot more. I'm guessing your disappearance has opened their eyes and made them realize that they need to change things around. Jackson is here as well. He's worried sick," She explained. 

"He's the reason I'm in this mess in the first place," I mumbled and tried to block out the screams of agony that rang through the halls. 

"Luke!" Someone shouted. I looked up and my heart began to race. What if something happened to him?

"Aurora, I gotta go," I said and hung up and ran towards the door to open it once again. I slipped through and pulled on the doors to the office. I pounded on the doors and begged for someone to open the doors. I heard running and followed by the doors being unlocked. I pulled the doors apart and was met with Luke. His eyes were wide and his gun was ready in hand.

"What's wrong?" He asked. 

"I thought something happened to you!" I shouted relieved and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug.

He chuckled and hugged me with his free hand, "I'm okay and nothing happened to me." 

"Don't do that to me," I said. 

"Everything's fine Hazel, they're gone and everyone is safe, no one was hurt," he explained and looked at me. 

I nodded. Everyone is safe. I took a deep breath and tried to steady my racing heart. 

"I won't let anything happen to you," He whispered and I believed him. 

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