He's the leader of a mafia. A gang. Ruthless and powerful in anyway possible. They have enemies and connections. He plays a dangerous game. One he enjoys. Surrounded by guns and drugs, he feels unstoppable. No one is going to dethrone him. He always wins and he always rules.

She's innocent and has a future she already planned. Her life is perfect and she's destined for greatness. She has goals she plans to reach, colleges that beg her to join their school and people that adore her.

When she tumbles into the world of Mafia, unaware of the brutal world that was just under her nose. The world of drugs, violence and pacts is foreign to her. He helps her because once you're in the world of Mafia, there is no way out.


12. Chapter XII : hunting ground

|| Hazel ||


Luke promised me he'd take me into the city to get new clothes and I am thankful for that. I've never done much traveling, but in the past week or so, I've gone to more places than I've visited in the last four years. I was pacing around the room. I was nervous? For some strange reason my heart decided to pump faster than usual. I took a deep breathe and tried to calm down. 

I jumped when my phone rang. My eyes drifted to the screen and my heart turned to lead when I saw who was calling. Malia. Tears suddenly stung my eyes as I said a simple greeting. 

"Hazel?" Malia's voice rang in my ears and nothing else mattered. The usual happiness hung in her voice, that cheerfulness that I so desperately needed. 

"Hi Malia," I smiled as a tear slipped. "how are you?"

"I'm okay," She said quietly. 

"Is everything okay? You sound sad," I noted. 

"I miss you," She replied. 

My heart clenched as it crawled in my throat, "I miss you too sweetheart." I swallowed the ball that was forming in my throat. 

"Mommy is worried about you and daddy is back from work," Malia said, she sounded a bit happy. "Mommy blames daddy for your disappearance."

"It's none of their faults," I replied.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, Luke poked his head in shortly after, "I'll wait for you downstairs." I nodded and he closed the door.  

"Everyone is wondering why you left. Alex has stopped by and brought my mommy flowers," Malia whispered. I silently cursed under my breath. "I have to go now," Her voice dropping lower than a whisper. 

"Is everything okay?" I asked. 

"Yes, I can hear footsteps. I think it's daddy," She said. "Malia," I heard my father's voice on the other side of the call. The line went dead. I pulled the phone away from my ear and I was sent back to my home screen. A small sigh escaped my lips. I got up and stuffed some money in my pocket before walking out. 

I was roughly shoved that I almost fell on my butt. "Sorry your highness," Michael spat. I bit back an insult, and kept my mouth shut. 

I turned and saw Calum, a small smile pulled at the corner of his lips, "Sorry about him, he'll warm up to you eventually."

"Yea, once I'm dead," I mumbled.

He laughed through his nose, "Give it time, Hazel." Calum walked past me. 

"How's your shoulder?" I asked and turned to him. He stopped walking and faced me.

"It's better. Can't make any sharp movements or else I'll open the stitches back up," He explained. 

"Hazel," Luke's voice called from the living room. 

"I'll see you later," I told Calum and walked down the stairs. 

"Ready?" Luke asked. 

"Yea," I replied as I walked towards Luke who held the door open for me. I shuffled past him and into the open Texan fresh air that I haven't breathed in since Monday, it was Wednesday now. I allowed Luke to lead me to the Cadillac Escalade. I really thought that it would be Luke and I, but Ashton, as well as another guy were sitting in the back. I smiled at them as Luke started the engine. 



I wasn't sure if it was because I haven't gone shopping in a long time, but I was suddenly excited when Luke pulled up to the huge three story mall. I beamed when I saw women and men carrying bags with some of my favorite store names plastered on the bags.

I immediately jumped out when Luke stopped the truck. I smiled widely and began walking towards the building. A hand grabbed a hold of my arm and I was faced with Luke.

"Hey, you're not leaving my sight," He said. A hint of worry flashed across his eyes but he quickly covered it. I nodded and  he let go of my arm. Luke walked beside me as Ashton and Jacob walked behind us. I felt guarded. Nonetheless I didn't let the three men stop me from shopping insanely. 

We stepped through the automatic doors and I refrained from sprinting to the nearest Calvin Klein store. I've always loved shopping and finding new stuff to wear. What girl doesn't like to shop? I felt happy that I was finally on territory that I did know. 


Nearly four hours later Ashton, Jacob, and Luke were carrying two bags each. One from each store. I was nearly. broke and i decided to end my shopping spree here. 

Until I saw another one of my favorite stores and began speed walking once again. Luke walked beside me, "Uh Hazel, don't you think this is enough?" 

"It's never enough," I replied as I entered the doors of Forever 21. Luke, Ashton, and Jacob all stood outside my dressing room every time I wanted to try something on. He wouldn't even let me go to the other side of the store without him. He seemed extra guarded ever since we stepped foot in Texas. 


"I need to go to the bathroom," I was officially broke and had enough clothes to last me a month at least. Luke nodded and led me to the nearest bathroom. "You're not going to come in right?" I eyed him.

He rolled his eyes, "Of course not." 

I pushed through the door and went to the first empty stall. I heard the squeak of the door opening one again followed by heavy footsteps. I flushed the toilet and opened the stall before walking towards the sink. I looked tired. Bags begun forming under my eyes and there was a drowsiness in my eyes. I washed my hands just as the girl walked out of the stall.

She smiled at me, "I like your shirt."

"Oh, thank you so much," I smiled. I grabbed a few paper towels and dried my hands off. My vision suddenly went dark when I felt a a black bag being placed over my head. I panicked and tried to pull it over my head. 

"Shhh," A male voice hissed by my ear, "Luke always went for such pretty girls." My breath hitched and I suddenly couldn't breathe, I couldn't scream. My lungs ached for air. I needed to escape. I needed air. I had a plan, it wasn't a good one, but it was a plan. I let  my body go limp as if I lost conscious. I felt the bag on my head loosen and I sucked in the air. 

I was suddenly being lifted, my body impacted a broad shoulder, "Let's go," The same man said. I heard the squeak of the door opening. I let my body relax and allowed my limbs to loosely flail. I heard the sound of another door opening and soon we were walking down the stairs. My heart beat accelerated. 

Every time I almost put my plan into action, my muscles locked up and I chickened out. I counted four flights of stairs. The sound of another door being opened kicked me into high gear. I kneed the person who was carrying me in the chin. They grunted and they dropped me. I quickly took the bag over my head and began running up the stairs. 

"Luke!" I shouted. 

"Hey!" The man said. The person who I had kneed was the same girl who complemented my shirt. I skipped one stair at each stride as I tried my hardest not to fall. Our footsteps echoed against the white walls.  My thighs burned at the sudden exercise I was doing. 

"Luke!" I shouted once again hoping he'd hear me. I didn't know what part of the mall I was in. 

"Hazel!" Luke called back. 


|| Luke ||


I waited for Hazel outside the bathroom door. The toilet flushed moments later. Ashton groaned, "Man, why does she need to buy so many stuff?"

I shrugged, "Just let her buy what she wants." 

"Oh," Jacob perked up. "Oh, is Luke Hemmings growing a soft spot for the girl?"

"Put a sock in it, Jacob," I growled. 

"Thief!" Someone shouted. My head whipped to see two security guards chasing a man who was tucking something under his jacket. I blew air out of my lips and checked the time. 

"She should be out by now, right?" I asked. 

"You're not gonna go into the women's restroom," Ashton said. 

I pushed through the doors and saw that it was empty. Immediately, I began kicking open the stalls to see that they too were empty. "Damnit!" I shouted. I opened the door and stepped out, "She's not in there."

"What the fuck do you mean she's not in there?" Ashton asked.

"She's not in there! Okay, I don't know where she is or what happened to her!" I shouted. 

"Look, calm down, we'll find her okay," Ashton said. 


"That's Hazel," I said and lifted my head. "That's her, I know it." I began running in search of her. "Luke!" I heard again. I ran towards the door  at the end of the hall. I pushed it open, "Hazel!" 

She looked up at me, her honey colored eyes looked relieved. I began running down the stairs until her body collided with mine. I pulled my gun out and wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she clung onto my arm. 

"It's okay, I got you," I told her. 

The man who was chasing Hazel stopped when he saw me. "Stay here," i told Hazel. I shot the man in the leg. He screamed. I walked towards him and kicked his gun away. I grabbed his neck and slammed his head against the wall. "Why did you take her?!" I demanded.

He laughed and spit blood out of his mouth. It coated his teeth, "She's your girl and this is the only way to get to you." 

"You don't mess with mob women," I growled and shot him in the head. I stood up and exhaled. 


I turned. Hazel was looking at me as if I were a monster. As if I were the worst thing she's ever laid eyes on and it hurt me to see her like that. 

"Hazel," I said and stepped forward but she took a step back. 

"You didn't need to kill him," She said. 

"He was going to kill you!" I exclaimed.

"But you didn't," She huffed, "You didn't need to kill him! You could've just-"

"Just let him go? Let him go and hunt another person down?" I asked.

"You didn't have to kill him," She repeated.

"Hazel, I kill for a damn living, I had to kill someone to get where I am today!" I said. She remained silent, "C'mon let's go before people start questioning." She reluctantly walked towards me. I called Ashton and he said he was bringing the truck around the back. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and led her to the door. I pushed it open and pulled my hood on. I covered Hazel's face as I opened the door and got in. 

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