He's the leader of a mafia. A gang. Ruthless and powerful in anyway possible. They have enemies and connections. He plays a dangerous game. One he enjoys. Surrounded by guns and drugs, he feels unstoppable. No one is going to dethrone him. He always wins and he always rules.

She's innocent and has a future she already planned. Her life is perfect and she's destined for greatness. She has goals she plans to reach, colleges that beg her to join their school and people that adore her.

When she tumbles into the world of Mafia, unaware of the brutal world that was just under her nose. The world of drugs, violence and pacts is foreign to her. He helps her because once you're in the world of Mafia, there is no way out.


3. Chapter III : war

|| Luke ||


Hector was slowly recovering. He was in his room, resting. I sat on the couch, around the rest of the guys. Paul was setting up a couple of lines. I watched as Calum snorted up a line of white powder. He threw his head back and exhaled.

"Good stuff," He said. 

"Want a line, Luke?" Paul asked.

I shook my head as I took a puff of the blunt in between my fingers. My lips parted and I saw the smoke rise from my open mouth. It curled in the air. 

"So what are you going to do about Thomas?" Ashton asked.

I shrugged, "I can't do anything. I don't want anyone else hurt. If we go and confront Thomas and his gang, it can lead to a fist fight, knife fight or gun fight. We don't need the authorities on our asses once again." 

"I just got a text from Evan, he said that a couple of guys want to buy some weed," Zero said. He looked at me.

I blew the smoke out of my mouth and sat forward, "Take him one pound of weed and another of cocaine." 

He nodded and went to the vault. Minutes later he came back with two blocks of the product. Jax looked at me and I nodded. He got up and followed his brother downstairs. 

"We'll be back soon," Zero called. 

Jax was three years older than Zero. Zero was the youngest and the baby of the gang. Everyone looked over him and treated him like the baby brother. Jax was extremely overprotective of his brown haired brother. They are both orphans, Matthew found them in the outskirts of town. Jax had just robbed a liquor store and they were on the run. Matt picked them up and took them in. 

A year later here they were, dealing drugs and running with a gang. Better than nothing. Matthew really cared about those two. He didn't have the heart to dump them back onto the street.

Johnny and Ace got off the couch and walked into the kitchen. I relaxed in my seat. Michael had music playing on the speakers. My body felt worn out. I handed Paul my joint before leaning back and closing my eyes. 

I let the silence in my own head comfort me. My peace was suddenly shattered when I heard the sound of bullets being shot through the glass windows. I quickly dropped my body to the floor. I looked around to make sure everyone was doing the same. 

Pieces of glass showered my clothes. The shooting just kept on coming. Calum was next to me. I grabbed his shirt, "Roof top, now!" I shouted.

He nodded and began making his way to the hallway. He lifted himself up and broke into a sprint. I saw a bullet penetrate the wall where he was just seconds ago. I followed him. We ran up the stairs. I grabbed my shotgun that I kept hidden for situations just like these. Calum carried his and leaned over the edge before firing at the truck that was circling around the warehouse. 

We both shot several rounds before it finally raced out of the dirt driveway. It had lots of bullet dents in it. 

"That was Thomas' gang, I know it," Calum said. 

I nodded, "Let's go check if the others are hurt."

"Luke!" Michael shouted. 

I quickly ran out off the roof top and down the stairs. I hid my gun once again before walking into the kitchen. Everyone was huddled around Johnny who lay in a pool of blood. He held his hand to his stomach. I knelt at his side, "Stay with me, Johnny boy." I turned to Ashton, "Call Zelda!" 

"It was a nice run," Johnny said. "Tell Theia I love her."

"Don't speak like that, you'll make it through," I said. 

He smiled slightly, "Nah, Luke, I won't survive this." 

Paul quickly came back with a towel and held it to Johnny's stomach.

"You were a great friend, Luke and an even better leader," He croaked. His breathing got shallow as his eyelid began to droop. "Just promise me one thing."

I looked at him. 

"Lodge a bullet in that bastard's head," He finally said. 

I managed to crack a smiled and shook my head, "You're a good kid Johnny." I watched as he took his last breath before the life drained out of him. I check his pulse. None. 

I reached for his hand and took his ring off. It was covered in blood. I wiped it off and read the inside of it. Engraved in the metal was 'fortissimi'. It means valiant in latin. Everyone in the gang has a ring that has a word in a foreign language that describes them. Johnny was valiant. 

I stood up and looked at the rest. They all had sympathy in their eyes. "He's gone," I said. A few hung their heads. It's never easy losing a member of the gang. 

Calum stepped up, "You have to tell Theia." 

I took a deep breath, "I know." 


We all stood outside of Theia's flat. A few neighbors stared at the fact that there was nearly fifteen, heavly tattooed and tall dudes waiting by a door. Theia soon opened the door. 

She smiled, "Hi Luke and the rest. It's almost midnight, what are you doing here?" She saw the look on my face, "Come in, come in." 

We all shuffled inside and she closed the door behind us. 

"Is everything okay? Where's Johnny?" She asked.

I took her hand and placed his ring in her palm. She saw it and looked up at me. 

"No," She said, her green eyes filled with tears. "No!" She broke down. I pulled her into a hug as she clung onto me for dear life. Her sobs rang out through the room. No one else said anything. 

"He said he loves you," I said. 

Theia cried even more, "Wh-what happened to him?" 

"It was Thomas' gang, they randomly started circling the warehouse and shooting it," Paul explained. 

Ashton handed her a tissue and she took it before wiping her tears, "I was going to tell him news when he came home."

"What kind of news?" I asked.

"I'm pregnant," She replied.

I felt my heart sank. Johnny was going to be a father. Now his kid will not have a dad in his life. Sadness and anger swirled in my head. 

"Remember we're all here for you, okay? If you ever need some money, a place to stay, anything, we'll be glad to help," Calum said. I nodded in agreement. 

"Thank you," Theia sniffled. 

We left hours later. Theia cried a lot, but I don't blame her she just lost her fiance. I leaned against the table. My knuckles were turning white. My anger exploded, I threw a vase to the floor and flipped the table. 

"Here's what's going to happen," I started. "Thomas started this. He started it when Hector got jumped and he crossed the line when Johnny went down. Get the guns ready, we're paying Thomas a visit on Saturday. He wants a fight, we'll give him a fight."

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