Welcome to Hell....Here is Your Locker Number

This is just a narrative about some of the things I have and do experience in my small high school.


3. Why Can't We ALL Be Demigods?

In today's society, we are constantly bombarded with books, stories, and movies about how regular people can really be super special. They are really vampires, or demigods, or have a special power. I am here to ask you, why can't we all be demigods with special powers? In a quiet day at school, why is it that we don't suddenly get attacked? Not that I would like to be attacked, but if I had special powers I would get up and fight the monster with my new-found fighting skills. Then someone important would take me away to train me because it turns out that Algebra isn't actually that important. While I'm there I would get super hot and fall in love with some supernatural being and we would live out our days in happiness. 

While I am writing this, I have realized something. Maybe the reason that people write about these things is to show that each person has their own "superpowers" or traits that make them unique and essential to society. It may not be magical, but sometimes just a smile from a kind person will make your day, and to be honest that's pretty super. 

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