Welcome to Hell....Here is Your Locker Number

This is just a narrative about some of the things I have and do experience in my small high school.


1. There's Some Bad Chemistry Here...

Today in my Chemistry class, I heard the saddest thing in the world. A girl turned down a chocolate candy. Not just any candy either, it was a mint chocolate truffle. What girl in their right mind turns down chocolate?! No one. That's why I did some investigating into the situation. 

It turns out that this girl (let's call her Jane) was being bullied by another girl in her class. (let's call her Susan) Susan is known around the school as "that girl". The one who is pretty, says she is totally nice, yet she leaves the broken hearts of other girls and her one-week boyfriends in her wake. Susan is bullying Jane because her boyfriend Nathan laughed at one of Jane's jokes. Now, I go to a small school, so outright bullying like this isn't really the norm. People mostly just laugh at each other behind their backs and then everyone pretends everything is ok. It is a world of frenemies. So, back to the abomination named Susan. 

What the hell?! First of all, where does she get off putting another person down. You know what she told her? That she was fat. Jane is a size 8 at most. She has the best body of the whole school! (which now that I think about it, is the reason Susan was mean in the first place ) What must go through her mind if she is so insecure in her relationship with Nathan that she has to make sure that none of the other girls in the school so much as look at him. And honestly, why would we? He is not nice and his face is really one only his mother could love. It makes me sick watching her prance around with her ginormous butt telling others that they aren't good enough. Or pretty enough. Yuck. Girls like her suck. Have some respect for your own kind, Susan. Girls need to stick together and it is girls like you that make girls like us look bad. 

The other thing that I don't understand is how Jane is letting all of this get to her. She is on a no-sugar diet. Ew. Now I have personally been victimized by Susan, but I love my body. I don't care what people say about it because I have enough confidence smile and wave like the queen I am. It is sad to let anyone have that much power over your own body. It is sad to see Jane crying with her friends after school. It just makes my heart hurt. 

I told Jane that I think she is beautiful. She doesn't need anyone's approval. I hope now she is off of her stupid diet and on my diet instead: at least 2 cups of awesome a day, and at least 1 spoon of "I don't give a shit what you think". 

Ok, well this was a pretty bad rant today, but it was the final breaking point for me. I just need to get these things out into the world now. I promise, I am not mean, I am not bitter and I don't usually swear this much. I just needed to say this because it is so true. And lastly, remember to love yourself guys. You are you, and that's pretty damn awesome. 

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