Hunter's Reckoning

The world is inhabited by humans and spirits. When an evil spirit named Kysolt tyres to destroy the human and good spirits the task falls to Hunter to stop the wanton destruction


1. The Grate Spirit Festival

One thousand years ago the world was in a state of panic. A terrible war raged between between two human kingdoms with both sides suffering heavy casualties. It looked like the war would never end until one day The Grate Spirit Kysorin intervened "HUMANS" he bellowed "FOR YEARS IV WATCHED YOU WAGE WAR AMONG YOURSELF'S AND I HAVE DONE NOTHING" his voice rang through the battlefield as all heed his call "I SIT AND WATCH NO LONGER!!" He unsheathed his mighty axe Mathisl and slammed the blade in too the soil. As soon as he did the land started to shift and brake in to new formations "IF YOU CAN NOT LIVE TOGETHER YOU WILL LIVE APART" as the newly formed continents started to drift away from each other the humans began to understand the power that Kysorin held as The Grate Spirit. Kysorin began to speak again "I WISH IT DID NOT HAVE TOO COME TO THIS HUMANS. TRULLY I DID NOT. BUT WHAT IS DONE CAN ONLY BE UNDONE IF YOU ALL WORK AS ONE PEOPLE" the humans looked at Kysorin wondering what he meant. "YOU WILL BUILD A BRIDGE. A GRATE BRIDGE THAT WILL LINK THE LANDS TOGETHER BOTH PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. ONCE THIS HAS BEEN DONE ALL OF HUMANITY WILL BECOME STRONGER AS A WHOLE" The Grate Spirit opened a portal back to his realm "I LEAVE THE WORLD IN THE HANDS OF MY CHILDREN. THEY WILL BE THE CARETAKERS OF THE WORLD OF MY ABSENTS" with that said he vanished. Never to be seen again. People on both continents began to build the bridge in hopes of one day meeting the people at the other end. It took a full 42 years for the bridge to finally be completed and people on both sides were overjoyed. The people named the bridge after The Grate Spirit and marked the day of its completion with a festival that would be celebrated yearly. The Grate Spirit Festival.

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