Hunter's Reckoning

The world is inhabited by humans and spirits. When an evil spirit named Kysolt tyres to destroy the human and good spirits the task falls to Hunter to stop the wanton destruction


2. The Festivals Main Event

The human world was composed of two Kingdoms named Renteion and Sanotomany. Both kingdoms had a capital city where their governments ruled from and a collection of smaller towns and settlements. One such town in the kingdoms of Renteion was named Nistnel. Nistnel is a small village built by a huge forest with several small houses, a trading post and a small hut just on the outskirts. The hut belonged to Tylos Kaom an experienced huntsman who lives with his protégé, an orphaned boy who he had raised like a son. He named the boy Hunter. On the morning of The Grate Spirit Festival Hunter awoke in his room and yawned loudly. He trudged in too the kitchen where Tylos was preparing breakfast "Morning kid" he said, Hunter replayed replied with a yawn "Morning". Tylos laughed " Wow your tired. You were up all night preparing for the Festival again weren't you?" "Ye I was" Hunter replied. "I'm determined to win the contest this year" he exclaimed, "And I'm sure you will. But sleep is important for all huntsmen. What's the point of being equipped to take on your pray if you too tired to fight it?" Tylos said while chuckling. "I know. I'll have plenty of time to rest up before then" Hunter replied. After breakfast Hunter and Tylos headed in to town so they could take part in the festival. Tylos was going to set up a stall where he would sell his wares such as pelts, meats, bones and teeth and even weapons he crafted in his spare time, Hunter was going to compete in a tournament they held each year in the centre of the bridge. The winner of the tournament would receive a weapon crafted by the finest blacksmith in the kingdoms. " So what equipment are you planing in using" Tylos asked to which Hunter replied " Well iv got my sword and my bow but iv only got 15 arrows" "Only 15. That's not really a lot. I don't really have the gold to buy some more. 15 will have to do I'm afraid" Tylos said. " Oh right. Before I forget iv got a little gift for you" He reaches in to his bag and pulls out a small knife" Here I got this for you. Think of it as a lucky knife" Tylos chuckled " Thanks Tylos I appreciate it" Hunter sheaths the knife in a holster in his boot " Well I'm going to go register for the tournament" He starts to walk away " I'll see you later". Tylos shouts " Ok kid. Good luck" he turns to his stall and starts to set up. After registering Hunter decided to look around and find something something to do untill the tournament starts " Maybe I should get something to eat" all of a sudden someone shouts " Hey someone stop that guy. He just robbed me" Hunter spots the thief and begins to give chase. The thief is quick but Hunter is able to catch up " Your not getting away" He tackles him to him to the ground. The thief shouts " let me go" Hunter punches him in the face knocking him out and says " I don't think so". Hunter picks up the thief and carries him back to the stall he stole from " Here's the scum that stole from you" he says dropping him in front of the stall owner shake " I'm Amber"

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