Dungeon Prisoners: Life's A Game(restart)

A man looking for his deranged murderous sister investigate the serial killings done by Milena the slicer when he is sucked into another world where life is a game watched by the gods, and you must play life like a video game. So to find his sister he agrees to playing this sick game of dungeon capturing as a prisoner of the gods. Will he get enough power to fight the gods for freedom, or will his deranged sister and several other serial killers erase him first?


2. The first Dungeon

 I open my eyes to find myself in a dark place, I feel around me only to walls giving me less than my arms width of space. My muscles are sore every cell in my body is stiff and numb, my head hurts trying to remember what  happened.....its all blurry. Rain yes there was rain I was somewhere... a alley with a girl she killed someone, what was i doing? Ugh my head hurts i can't remember! I start punching the wall blood pouring from my busted knuckles my eyes start adjusting to the dark allowing me to see that I'm inside a small cell with no bed or any place to sit, it's so tight that i can only stand.... there's a metal door in front of me, it's locked obviously, but at least there's a way out. Where am I ? I feel like I've been wanting to be here but, why?

Wait I'm looking for someone important she's here I know she is...the door suddenly swing open revealing a large Colosseum area. I take a few hesitant steps into the arena looking around to see nine other people each looking more bizarre than the other. To the right of me is a really big guy, and i mean really big like if you ever seen bane on venom thats how big this guy is his face deformed and twisted ugly. To my left a little boy with blond hair covering his eyes he looks super sweet, he turns to me laughing, "Hi my name is johnny do you want to be my friend?" I smile back replying, "sure." He giggles and keeps walking forward meeting up with the other ten people one of them being that girl from the alley.  She looks up to stare at me her red hood covering her eyes barely. She smiles waving, "Hey Detective I see you finally woke up!" She blows me a kiss with a bizarre grin.

Above us on a balcony stands a weird fox eyed man in a white suit spread his arms with a smile. "Welcome rejects of your old world to a second chance at life. And in this new life you will be granted riches, power, adventure, and a chance to use your "killer" skills. Each of you will be sent to a different location in your first dungeon a place where monsters protect the various weapons and treasures hidden inside. You will be assigned a class randomly which will give you each a new power that you can level up. Just like in your modern games you can level up your powers through the death of your enemies each death giving you EXP.

The objective is to find the Treasure room of the Dungeon and defeat the boss, you can eliminate the competition because only two of you can exit the dungeon once a boss is defeated. Once you have taken your rewards and defeated the boss the selected winners will proceed to the next dungeon. Any questions my new toys? No? Good See you in the winners circle." Resting his hands on the ledge he smiles as each person disappears in a flash of black light the world turning dark again.

       I wake up in a pristine room made of some weird purple crystal, there are three doors in the strange room. I get up my stomach doing flips as I throw up not feeling good at all, I look up slightly noticing a tattoo on my arm. Well I assume it's letters carved into me the initials SW LV1 into me but i can't tell my vision is too blurred. I look to the wall to see pictures and hieroglyphics,  I walk over to the wall to try and interpret the writing .

My eyes start to burn as i look up a voice in my head barks, "Cant you read human! It say's this way leads to a flightless death."

I turn to see a dark hound made of shadow lurking around the corner, his dark red eyes flashing with a playful toothy grin, he runs to me his teeth bared. I dodge running down the corridor my body aching the mutt disappears, a weird looking black spot on the floor following me. I keep running moving as fast as I can stopping as the edge, the cliff over looming a pit of darkness. I turn to the hall fear rising from my very being, The shadows give rise to the hound stands walking to me his saliva red with fire.

"Did you really run from me you pathetic human? I am Duran the hell hound of hells flame the sin darkness and a LV 21 you exist to feed me." He laughs jumping at me, i duck punching up in reaction my training kicking in, the fist hits him in the jaw as i slide under him. The creature falls on his face hitting his nose as he tumbles down to the darkness. I lay there panting my muscles hurting my fist bleeding from the contact with the beast, I hear a sickening thud behind me after several seconds. I breath hard looking behind me a ball of red energy rises from the depths it hovers, I get up to run from it heading back to the first room. But as I reach the end of the hall way my chest burning from the heavy breathing, I feel a searing pain in my back as a burning sensation fills me flames dancing across my chest, my eyes becoming sharper and so are my teeth. 

My arm fills with pain as the tattoo changes the number after LV becomes a 5. In my head I hear the voice of the sick weirdo that brought me into this world, "Well done mortal you have acquired your first soul by pure luck, you're skills are flame bite, fiery touch and shadow teleport but use it wisely your mana isn't very strong. Congrats softy I look forward to powers young Soul Wielder."

The voice leaves my head my body shifts turning back to it's original state, images flash into my mind the memories of a hellish place filled with pain and agony, stumbling into a weird beautiful world recruited by an ancient.... the ancients people will powers beyond belief kings who have lived for thousands of years, I remember killing all many humans tearing through their weak flesh growing in levels. Finally the dark ancient of this dungeon gives me the assignment to kill a good mortal, they taste the most delicious, I watch as I see my human self get chased up until i feel the pain and my body shakes as i feel the death.

"What was that?" I ask confused my body shaking from the experience, I get up remembering the route i had taken before.... I had just remembered the hounds memories, what is this power i gained from this sick world? I remember the past of the dead monster, I seem to have gained some of his abilities, and I'm a level five which explains why I feel stronger. I walk on entering a bizarre desert like landscape the room going on for what seemed like a full world monsters huge and rigid all around walking the weird desert.

What is this place?

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