Dungeon Prisoners: Life's A Game(restart)

A man looking for his deranged murderous sister investigate the serial killings done by Milena the slicer when he is sucked into another world where life is a game watched by the gods, and you must play life like a video game. So to find his sister he agrees to playing this sick game of dungeon capturing as a prisoner of the gods. Will he get enough power to fight the gods for freedom, or will his deranged sister and several other serial killers erase him first?


1. Searching for so long

   I am Sora Black and I've been searching for five long years for my deranged sister who murdered my father. But maybe I just back up a bit and explain what's going on. I am 22 years old a detective and martial arts instructor at age 17 i saw my 12 year old sister rip my father's beating heart out of his body, His dying words ring in my ears to this day.."w-w-why couldn't you be more like yo-ur s-sister.." choking out blood on my Gi he died right there in my arms still loving his prodigy daughter than his hard working son. My family has always been different it has always been about strength and nothing else, my mother defended my sister when she killed my father telling the police, "It's what he wanted, he can proud of her truly in the after life." that didn't stop the police from arresting the young serial killer, the famous "Soul Freer" as the press would call her was finally caught. i didn't know until that day when the police arrested her for all of her murders, my sister smiling madly covered in my fathers blood. They didn't care about her age or the fact that she was a little girl. They came at her with the right amount of force the entire swat was there for her arrest, she then went on trial for several weeks before she killed of her fellow prisoners the prison flooded with blood the guards to scared for their lives to do anything. It was then that she got the death sentence and it was to happen as soon as possible in two weeks the papers said. The papers titled the "Soul Freer will final be Freed" they described her life as abusive and full of torture playing the insanity violin for my sick sister, the story really came to life when my mother committed suicide drinking a mixture of LSD and bleach. Of coarse I didn't know anything I was just a seven teen year old brat who could fight better than most kids my age, only thing that made me different is my dead parents and insane sister who was spoiled and given everything in life. Why? You ask? It's simple she was a natural born fighter someone who instinctively know how to destroy man, it came to her as easy as breathing. Oh God how she scared me, i loved and hated my sister for her talent and vicious aura. My beloved parents loved her for her psychopathic nature always wishing i was more like her. But the scariest thing is the morning of her execution she magically disappeared from her cell, the prisoner caged around her shouting about how a god took her to a place far away, a place they said where she and her kind would be free. 

     Let's flash forward five years shall we, I dedicated myself to law and becoming a detective getting in with a scholarship I was able to cut straight to become a detective. Polishing my skills in martial arts an analyzing I was put on several cases for sadistically insane killers seeing as I lived with one at one time. But I don't mind because with everyone I catch someone is saved in the future and lives are protected, it also brings me one step closer to my sister. If this god if they exist seem to go after killers, insane ones, how do I know because I've been investigating reports of serial killers in prisons all over the world disappearing from the streets, to palaces, even the most secure and well hidden prisons have their most insane prisons disappear in the dead of the night. I became a detective knowing that this way i can one day find my sister, but today she must wait because I'm hot on Melina's trail, a young nine-teen year old who i've been tailing her for the past 5 weeks. She's been a suspect for a long time in a series of murders all guys who she once dated there bodies found sliced into tiny pieces including their bones. She's an honors student in college trying to earn an art degree, her looks are tom boyish and cute, her hair flows down to her waist and her height is average, she shows no signs of aggression. We haven't arrested her because we have no solid evidence but I get this feeling that she's hiding it like my sister, her body looks weak but she has a killers aura that a fighter can just feel. Everyone has already given up on her,  but I'm still pursuing my instincts are almost never wrong she's about to strike soon and before she does i'm going to be there to stop her. 

     It's raining hard in this damp dark city I follow my suspect through this thick crowd of horrible smelling bodies, my trench coat heavy with the grimy rain from the weary skyscrapers. The suspect is angry her boyfriend just broke up with her last week, she is not coping well from her odd behavior over the last couple of days. Her appearance is much sloppier than usual wearing a black tank top with a gray hoodie over it, her jeans are soaked from the rain but she doesn't seem to care. Her heart has been broken so many times I feel sad for her, so young, so beautiful, but yet she's broken so bad. Finally the suspect walks into an alley way I assume to take a short cut , but i thought I saw a couple walk in there earlier, I tail her quietly using the cities noises and ran to hide the sound of my foot steps. I'm calm till i see the couple running from the suspect into a dead end, why would they so stupidly walk into an ally way with a dead end is bizarre to me, privacy is one thing but this doesn't make sense. But then finally Milena takes off her hoodie revealing her phone, the young man in turns around revealing his phone and the girl he left Milena for. I can't hear them but it seems obvious enough my suspect black mailed her ex to met up here thinking it was secluded... but why? I approach trying to appear as a curious civilian milena turns around erupting with insane laughter her hair soaked and her smile wide as she brings out a scalpel. "Hello fucker" she screeches in laughter" I've been meaning to ask why such a cutie has been following me for the last couple of weeks, but I think now is a bad time to ask.." she flicks her tongue against the blades cool surface licking a rain drop, "I was going to save you for later but now seems like a good time handsome. "She laughs unzipping her hoodie revealing  numerous pockes each holding a different sharp weapon, she turns quickly throwing a scalpel at her ex, the blade flies through his face into the wall. She laughs turning back to me, "I'll slice those pieces of trash later you look like you're a lot more fun." Grabbing two knives from her pockets she comes charging at me her knife tips scrape the brick walls in this narrow space, gripping my leather gloves I kick up splashing water into her eyes the grime dirtying her face. I move forward thrusting my palm into her stomach in a low stance blasting her two feet back in the slippery alley. "Milena rose you're under arrest for the murder of James Flores and suspected of several other murders you have to remain silent anything say or do can or will be used against you. So please come quietly and no else has to get hurt." I say getting out my handcuffs. 

     She erupts with laughter rubbing her eyes clean kneeling on the floor, "No guy has ever hit me before," she says standing up she looks at me, "I think im love with you cutie and now come and embrace me." She whispers holding her knives out ready to slash me.  Thunder sounds off a couple seconds later a flash of light fills the sky illuminating the dark alley way the sky dark with the massive clouds. All of my instincts scream to run and hide the world doesn't seem right, but I don't no I charge head first sliding under Melina as she slashes above me missing me, my pants soaked from the flooding alley. My fingers dig into the back of her knees as I slide under her opened legs I turn on one knee as she falls to her knees, pulling out my hand cuffs I clap it onto one writs grabbing her other wrist I hand cuff her. "I repeat myself you are under arrest, now back down." I grunt out dragging her to her feet both of us soaked head to toe, I pull out my cell phone to call for back up but my phone is dead from the rain. I can hear her laugh handcuffed in front of me, "It's too late detective they've come for me....the angels." In a flash of light I'm blasted back the demonic girl I arrested laughs landing on top of me, i see a fox eyed man with black wings like a vulture walks up to her smiling, his gray suit radiating steam in the intense rain his jet black hair slicked back in the rain. He cuffs her cheeks in his gloved hand examining her, she spits into the dangerous being's face with a mad laugh. The being emitting evil chi smiles, you'll fit in nicely my dear" He laughs a portal of darkness opens behind him sucking in all surroundings I jump letting the portal suck me in, the entity is surprised letting my handcuffed friend go. As I disappear into the darkness all i hear is the evil laughter of a mad woman the the dying sound of lightning. 


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