Revenge - *Movella of the Year 2015*

After the death and destruction which plagued her life, she only wants one thing: revenge for what they did to her all those years ago. She will serve justice, but at what cost?


2. Emotion...

I snuck out beneath the cloak of hazy darkness. As I made my way through the abandoned, derelict town, I could still see traces of the chaos which occurred all those months ago. The place where I once lived in peace and happiness was now empty; filled with regret and anguish, it remained cold and bare. On that cursed day, so many innocent people had perished whilst others were forced to pack up and leave; the dark memory of that day haunting their every thought. Now there was no-one left… I had caused this hell and the destruction that remained would forever rest on my shoulders, weighing down my heart. 

From the eerie centre of the town, I could see the vast facility looming over me like it had done all my life. Although it was dark, I knew the town so well I could almost see everything around me. I could see the houses, I could see the school and I could see the spot where he died. The image of his sudden realisation of the truth still haunts me at every moment of my sorry life, his words still burning my soul, his love still pushing me forwards. 

“You were the spy!” he yelled, his anger directed at me. A look of hate and betrayal entered his eyes as I attempted to justify my reasoning.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

I never meant to... They have my-” I began before faltering. He wasn’t listening.                                                                                              “I don’t care why you helped her! You know I thought you were different. I thought I could trust you… I thought that… I thought that I loved you but you were just using me. His voice faded into a wistful whisper. A look of disappointment crossed his face as he shook his head. The words he said stung as he turned to face the battlefield. I reached out and place my hand on his but he just pushed it away. With a final breath, he leapt into action and ran straight into the heart of the battle as I cowered behind a large piece of what had used to be a car. That was last time I saw that look of determination in his eyes…  That was the last time I saw him alive… I had betrayed him and had destroyed my home in the process.                                                     

She stole him from me and forced me to be her pawn.  I could barely see through the blur of tears which silently fell and warmly rolled down my gaunt face as I silently crept through the village I felt the back of my own hand reach up and wipe the salty tears away as I continued to advance on the towering building. I knew that she was in there, she who had blackmailed me and forced me to betray my one true friend. He was dead and it was her fault. As I reached the edge of the complex, I swung my rucksack down from my shoulder. I carefully unzipped the bag before checking on its contents. It was still intact. Pure rage rushed through my veins as I sealed the bag and prepared myself for what was to come. This was my mission. In that moment which seemed to last forever, I swore to myself that I would avenge his death. I would have my revenge. 

Not all stories have a happy ending… I wasn’t planning for mine have one… 

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