Total Drama: Team E-Scope United

Izzy, Eva and Noah, formerly known as Team E-Scope end up having to live together and everyone has different opinions.
Izzy is ecstatic and happy to be reunited with the members of Team E-Scope
Eva is finding it hard to not go on a rampage
Noah wished that he didn't have to put up with the other two's craziness.
Hopefully they'll manage to get along together and Eva hopefully won't hurt anyone due to her temper. They then get hired by a certain McLean to work was undercover spies. Who knows what they'll have to do!

I do not own Total Drama of their characters! Also I didn't make the cover art, I just edited it a bit


12. Show Business

"What's taking you so long? Get in already!" It was Chris, the three were actually being given a mission this time. Not Scarlett pulling any bullshit, actually Chris. "Izzy!" Eva yelled, "what's taking you so long?" Izzy ran out of the building and leaped into the car. "I just needed some distance that I'd jump far enough." Eva crossed her arms. "Make some room so we can all go in." The three were confused to see Scarlett was in the car too. "Scarlett? Shouldn't you be at the lab, you know, inventing stuff?" Eva asked. Chris answered for her. "I'll tell you now."

"This mission is something I need the four of you on the field for!" Chris announced. "Um Chris, I'd hate to interrupt, I'm not a trained field agent." "Neither are these three, at least you'll be of more use than Noah." Noah threw a CD as Chris. The others glanced at him. "What? Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same." They looked away. "Point taken," Scarlett muttered. "Now will you please tell us the mission." Chris nodded. "That's what I'd like to hear. Anyway, as you know, every year, the city holds a play."

"This city holds a play? Cool!" Izzy said as she lifted her arms in the air. Chris was slightly irritated by her interruption. "Anyways, we have found ourselves a thief, it seems that the actors are having some of their precious items stolen from them, and Scarlett broke the news that it was somebody who was working in the production." Eva snorted. "Maybe Scarlett was lying so we'd go out for another fake mission."

"However, she couldn't break down exactly who is committing these thefts, but I have my suspects, until I can prove that said suspect is guilty, I need you four in on the action, the only way to do that is to have you four audition for a part in the play." Chris tossed the four of them a copy of the script. "Alright!" Izzy was excited, "time for me to go back into the acting industry, it's a long climb up the stairway to stardom, and there's no elevator!" Eva glanced at Scarlett. "Playing a character that's not really you, sounds like Scarlett's thing."

"I'm glad to see you're all optimistic, because Chef is driving this car to the audition as we speak." All except Izzy were shocked to hear this. "But we're only given the script, we haven't even read through it yet!" Chris silenced Noah's objections. "As past contestants of Total Drama, they'll probably let you on anyway as they feel that having past contestants would make more people come, but, if you don't get the role you're fired." The car stopped and the four of them were pushed out one by one. "You can't be late, this is show business!" Chris said as the car drove off.

They seemed to be outside the theatre. "Well, may as well get this over with." Scarlett broke the silence as she walked towards the door. Izzy was psyched. She ran inside. "Okay, I'm guessing that first up is the jolly green ginger," Noah commented, "I'll go last. You two ladies decide who's going after Izzy."

"Why don't you go after Izzy?" Scarlett asked. "Why don't you?" Eva stepped up and countered. "Fine, I'll do it," Scarlett sighed and walked in. "Ladies first." Noah mock bowed and opened the door for Eva. "Look, what I said last night didn't mean anything, you better not tell anyone about my nightmare, don't tell Izzy or Scarlett, or else-" "Save it. I'm not a snitch." Eva walked in and he followed her.

"Huh, Chris wasn't kidding when he said that the production wanted past Total Drama contestants, they're everywhere!" Eva stated as she noticed the past contents to filling the stage. A certain past contestant noticed the two of them. It was Owen. "Look Noah, it's Owen." Noah turned around to see Owen, but Owen got to him first. "Noah! It's been too long! How've you been?" Owen held Noah in a tight hug as he usually did upon meeting him. "I'm… fine…" he gasped. Eva smirked. "Well, that's one way to greet yourselves."

Owen eventually put his friend down. "Oops, sorry." Noah shook his head to try to remove his dizziness. "I'll be okay, I guess I didn't need those ribs anyway." Eva rolled her eyes. "He's okay." Owen then noticed Eva. "What are you two doing here anyway? You're auditioning too?" Noah sighed. "No Owen, we're here as undercover agents investigating a serious theft trail. Yes, we're auditioning." Just as he said that a woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and a red dress approached the stage. Blaineley.

"Okay, I'll be naming you out alphabetically, so the first one out is, Alejandro." Eva then watched the Spanish past contestant strut through the hallway, on his high horse as usual. Noah pretended to vomit and Owen laughed. "Excuse me? Do we have a problem over here?" Blaineley asked. "No, not at all, I was just, clearing my throat." The other two nodded and Blaineley walked off. When she was gone Noah started talking about Alejandro.

"Look at that guy, acting like he owns the place while little red riding bimbo sucks it all up, my guess is that she'll give him one of the main roles, if she ever finishes drooling over him." Eva nodded. "Wouldn't be surprised if he did that, I bet he can do anything." A few minutes later. Alejandro was leaving for the next one, but he was seen talking to Blaineley. They wondered what he was saying. Izzy came up to them and gave them to answer.

"Hey guys!" Izzy waved as she approached them. "So I was doing some sneaking around, you know, to practice for the stuff we're doing later." Eva and Noah exchanged glances and looked at Owen. "Practice? For what?" Noah silenced Izzy before she could answer. "Hahaha, isn't she funny? I should take her elsewhere to see what her problem is."

They hid behind some props. "Izzy, I think you may have misunderstood that the point of being secret agents is to keep our identities, well, A SECRET! You nearly gave us up in front of Owen, I know you're having fun but try to at least be careful." Izzy nodded. "Right, sorry, got a bit excited, you know when you just want to talk." "You don't say. What did you pick up anyway that was so important that you neatly gave us away?"

"Well, I heard Alejandro talking with Blaineley." This Noah was interested in. "Oh really? Do tell." "Okay! So I couldn't get a complete grasp, my lipreading is slightly behind, but I made out something to do with you and Eva." Noah thought about that and then expected the worst. "Do you think that he's talking her into not giving us a part? If we don't we'll be fired!" Izzy reassured him. "I may have only picked up a few words, but I couldn't read anything about not giving you guys a part. Maybe he was just saying how you two would be-" Izzy paused. "Would be what?" Izzy thought for a cover up. "Uh, didn't catch what he said after that, gotta go!" Izzy then left. Eva came up behind him. "Well, we're fired."

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