Total Drama: Team E-Scope United

Izzy, Eva and Noah, formerly known as Team E-Scope end up having to live together and everyone has different opinions.
Izzy is ecstatic and happy to be reunited with the members of Team E-Scope
Eva is finding it hard to not go on a rampage
Noah wished that he didn't have to put up with the other two's craziness.
Hopefully they'll manage to get along together and Eva hopefully won't hurt anyone due to her temper. They then get hired by a certain McLean to work was undercover spies. Who knows what they'll have to do!

I do not own Total Drama of their characters! Also I didn't make the cover art, I just edited it a bit


14. Secrets

"I can't believe Chris made us audition for that stupid play!" Eva yelled as they walked home. Scarlett was with them. "It could be worse, you could've ended up kissing someone you hate." Izzy came up and whispered to Eva. "Maybe there is a chance for you to be with him." Izzy constantly talking about her with Noah was starting to piss Eva off. "I told you for the millionth time that I don't even like him! Even if I did, I couldn't tell him." Izzy seemed confused. "Why not?"

Eva made sure that Noah couldn't hear them. "If I happened to like him, which I don't, and I told him, what do you think will happen if he doesn't like me back? Which is more than likely because he has a girlfriend. Any 'friendship' we'd have would be ruined!" Izzy thought. "Good point, but you get to kiss him in the play, and you won't be accused of a boyfriend kisser because someone made you do it." Eva tried hard not to punch Izzy. "But I don't want to kiss him!" Izzy stood back. "Alright, shesh!"

Scarlett was left to talk to Noah. "So, how do you feel about having to kiss Eva?" Noah seemed agitated. "Alejandro is going to pay!" Scarlett sighed. "I don't know, you two seem to be pretty busy with your tongues in each other's throats." Noah thought he was going to be sick. "How could you say something like that?" he asked, and he sounded offended. "You couldn't make it more obvious! You're always being bitter while he is… doing whatever he does." Scarlett answered.

"Alejandro and I hate each other. He just likes to act all sweet even though everyone knows that the opposite is true!" Scarlett stood back. "Alright, calm down. I just know that you two like each other." Noah crossed his arms and walked away. "What do you know? You can't even decide whether you're evil or not." Scarlett's right eye twitched, luckily no one saw. "You two would be very happy together," she muttered so that no one could hear.

Eva abandoned Izzy and walked next to Noah. "Nut factory getting to you?" Eva nodded. "She won't stop going on and on about me having a-" she hesitated, "having a… problem." Noah seemed confused. "Problem? You know I'm feeling like you and her are playing me for a fool." Eva started to get nervous. "Why'd you think that?" Noah thought and answered. "Well, first off you're always talking together and whenever I ask what you're talking about you both get nervous and seem to say the first thing that comes into your mind to avoid telling the truth. I mean it was just Izzy but now you're doing it too. Is it something to do with me? Or do you not trust me?"

Eva thought for a moment. She obviously knew what Izzy was being sketchy about but she needed to play it off. "When does Izzy act like that?" Noah sighed and answered. "Well, it all started on that day you went to the gym, she said that you didn't tell me something and then when I asked what she meant she told me to forget what she said." Eva felt angry. Noah continued. "Then before you came to the warehouse she said that she needed to tell me something about you, but then she brushed it off when you came. Finally, today at the audition, she told me that she heard Alejandro say something about me and you and how we'd, then she just paused and said that she didn't pick up the rest."

Eva was really mad. Izzy really did think that she had a crush on Noah, of all people. Now he's suspecting what she's doing. "So, this never happens when I'm around?" Noah shook his head. "Nope, do you have anything to do with it?" Eva needed an excuse. "I think this is just one of her phases, she'll get over it, just you see." Noah didn't seem to believe her but knew that it was the only answer she'll give him. "Alright then, sorry for suspecting you." Eva groaned as he left her. This false crush was going to ruin their friendship.

"Well, I'll be taking my leave," Scarlett said as she walked inside of a building. "Where do you even live anyway?" Izzy asked. Scarlett didn't answer her properly. "If I told you I'd be afraid to go inside in case you'll be there." With that she was gone. "Izzy," Eva called her over, "come on, we have no time for you're nonsense." Izzy skipped over to them. "I am like really super psyched for this play guys! I'm playing the role of a pirate captain! It'll be just like the games we play! Except Eva is on the other team."

Eva and Noah were glad that Izzy was happy, she could be a handful otherwise, but they weren't. "If we finish our mission on time maybe we can then back out." Eva liked his idea. "That doesn't sound hard, so tomorrow we'll just have to figure out who's been causing these thefts and then we just quit the play before it's too late." "Exactly. We can just back out, Scarlett and Izzy can stay in it as they love it so much."

So the next day they had to go back. Noah instructed Izzy on what to do. "Okay here's the plan, let's try to finish this mission in the next few days," he thought of an excuse, "so you'll have more time for you to concentrate on your role." Izzy seemed to like that. "That also means you and Eva can practice, good idea!" Noah played along. "So you're pretty stealthy right?" Izzy nodded. "You bet I am, you want me to sneak into the staff office and look for clues." This was going to be easier than he thought. "You said it, not me."

Topher walked onto the stage carrying a clipboard. "Okay, can all the people that are playing a part in the red clan come with me? The others, you'll stay and wait for us to be done." A bunch of past contestants that included; Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Jo, Scott, Jasmine, Scarlett and Eva were called up. "Izzy knows?" Eva muttered. Noah nodded. "Izzy knows." With that Eva joined the others on stage.

That left the people in the blue clan; Izzy, Owen, Cody, Geoff, Bridgette, Mike, Zoey, Anne Maria, Dave and Noah. "Izzy, while Topher is gone can you go and investigate?" Izzy saluted and hoped away. Unfortunately, Owen heard. "You and Izzy seem to be always talking to each other lately." "Your point is?" Noah asked. "What is she investigating?" Owen asked. Noah sighed. He couldn't lie to Owen, and he was sure Owen wouldn't tell on him. "Fine, come behind the curtains and I'll tell you."

"So you mean to tell me that you're working for Chris with Eva and Izzy?" Noah nodded. "This is a huge secret, so you can't let anyone else know, don't let them know I told you either." Owen replied. "Relax buddy, you're secret's safe with me." Noah felt slightly relieved, now he didn't have to hide from Owen. "So I was looking through the script of the play, turns out that Izzy is the leader and I'm her husband," Owen said, "ever since we broke up in season three I was looking for a way to be near her again." Noah rolled his eyes. "Good luck with that."

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