Total Drama: Team E-Scope United

Izzy, Eva and Noah, formerly known as Team E-Scope end up having to live together and everyone has different opinions.
Izzy is ecstatic and happy to be reunited with the members of Team E-Scope
Eva is finding it hard to not go on a rampage
Noah wished that he didn't have to put up with the other two's craziness.
Hopefully they'll manage to get along together and Eva hopefully won't hurt anyone due to her temper. They then get hired by a certain McLean to work was undercover spies. Who knows what they'll have to do!

I do not own Total Drama of their characters! Also I didn't make the cover art, I just edited it a bit


7. Scarlett's Visit

Scarlett was given the responsibility,of presenting the team with their next mission. "Room 94," she muttered to herself as she walked towards the door. She knocked on the door to which Noah answered. "Hi Scarlett, this isn't a good time." "Why? I don't see much a problem." She was quickly corrected when she saw things being thrown violently out of Izzy's room and Eva started barging out and yelling. "Izzy, you mental bitch! Where's my MP3 player?" Scarlett looked at the madness. "Since when did you share an apartment with a rampaging, angry gorilla." "Apparently this happens once a month." Noah replied.

"I say the only way to settle this dispute is to just give the poor creature what she desires." Scarlett noted. "Thank you captain obvious, too bad Izzy is playing pirate and won't give it back." Izzy backed up his response. "Argh! You'll never get me to talk! A pirate never gives up his booty." "Izzy! It's mine! I'll make you!" Izzy jumped down from the ceiling. "Okay, but you're no fun." Izzy handed it to Eva. "Izzy, what the fuck were you doing?" Scarlett asked, "you just made her mad." "Yeah, you must be new here." Noah said. Scarlett was sick of the insanity. "Can you all calm down for five minutes while I give the mission?"

The three sat down while she stood over them, not too long ago, Chris did the same while giving them the job. "Now that I have your attention-" her speech was cut out by a clap of thunder, it started to rain heavily. "Anyway, now that I have your attention, I've come to bear the news that Chris is unable to give you the time of your next mission, unfortunately, he hasn't told me the mission as he wishes that he could tell you himself for quote on quote, dramatic effect." "That's Chris alright." Eva muttered, "making things dramatic at the expense of others." "However, he did tell me to tell you to go outside the building next Monday at two o' clock… in the morning."

"2am? That's bullshit, even for McLean!" Eva objected. "He says it's all part of the mission." Eva grunted, "my guess is he'll pull anything with that excuse, already made Noah dress in drag." "You promised we'd never speak of it again!" "Sorry Natalie, just giving an example." Noah crossed his arms. "I told you not to call me Natalie again either." Eva rolled her eyes. "Okay," Scarlett interrupted, "as much as I'd love to be a part of this, I should be going." She walked out the door. "Wow! It's really starting to pour down there." Eva and Noah looked in Izzy's direction out of the window, she was right. The rain was getting really heavy, the sky was a dark grey and every so often lightning stuck (the weather not the past contestant).

A few minutes later, Scarlett came back in. She was soaked by the rain, her hair was down and all over her face and was completely flat covering her face. "Let me guess, your ride bailed on you due to the storm and you need a place to stay?" Scarlett nodded angrily. "Stupid driver, and I paid in advance!" The three sniggered. "Yeah that was a dumb mistake. He just drove away with your money." Scarlett grabbed Noah by his shirt and pulled him up to her. "This may be your place, but if you make me angry, you wish you hadn't." She then shoved him away. "Eva, meet your competition." Izzy teased. "Get lost," Eva barked, "she's just all talk. She may be an evil mastermind but it takes more than just that to be threatening. All she's got going for her is the fact that no one expects her of all people to say such a thing." Izzy nodded in awe. "I didn't know being scary took so much work."

Scarlett sighed. "This place is full of weirdos," she muttered under her breath. "Come on Noah! I'm not done playing pirates yet, and you're now prisoner." Izzy dragged him away. Eva smiled a bit and approached Scarlett. "Not normal enough for you?" Scarlett looked up and brushed her wet hair out of her eyes, she took off her glasses to dry them. "How can you even stand being with those two, let alone live with them?" Eva thought for a moment. "Well, Noah is an ignorant cow and Izzy is… Izzy, but they're so weird themselves that they can actually accept me without cowering in fear… for the most part." Scarlett put her glasses back on. "Why do you even wear those? You don't even need them." "Great observation. It's just my, 'style' I guess, part of the facade that I look and act innocent." "Yeah, but we already know that you're evil." "True, I guess I just keep it up because I've been doing it for so long. At least that's how I put it."

"Well, get comfortable," Eva got up to leave, "by the looks of things you're staying the night the storm doesn't look like it'll stop for you." Eva went back into her own room. "Hulking beast. I'm surprised she hasn't brutally hurt or even killed her roommates." She walked into Eva's room. "Where am I even supposed to sleep?" Eva looked over at her. "You can share a room with me, it's for you own good, but you better not snore!" Scarlett rolled her eyes. Eva noticed that she was dripping all over the floor. "Go take a shower, I don't want to share my room with a sick person." Scarlett sighed. "And my clothes?" "You're not disabled are you? Do them yourself."

Around half an hour later Scarlett got out of the shower, she looked around the small bathroom with different coloured tiles, mainly shades of yellow and brown. She was shocked to see the door open. Eva was outside the door. "Agh! You're lucky that I had my towel on!" Eva threw a dark green pair of pyjamas at Scarlett. "Here, it's Izzy's, don't worry, craziness from what I know isn't contagious, but maybe you're 'so intelligent' that you already know that." Scarlett shyly thanked her and Eva closed the door. "Argh! You sure about this matey?" Scarlett sighed again as she put the pyjamas on, Izzy.

Scarlett walked out. Izzy and Noah were sitting in front of the television. "What now?" Scarlett asked. "Noah thinks that he can win back his freedom… and his bathroom privileges." Noah then glanced at Izzy. "Wait, what?" Izzy ignored him. "So we're going to play a video game to see who will win, I wanted a sword fight but he didn't want to, but as captain I will choose the game!" Scarlett crossed her arms. "Pirates didn't have video games." Noah rolled his eyes. "Thanks Captain Obvious, we really needed you!" "Besides, if pirates did have video games I'm sure that they would play the game I wanna play." Izzy picked up a fighting game disk and placed it in the white console. "You two have fun, I'm going to do something productive."

Scarlett saw that Eva had set up a fold up bed in the room, it was on the other side of the room and as far away from Eva's bed as possible. "Where are you going?" Scarlett asked as Eva left the room. "I'm going to hang with those 'weirdos' you can join us if you feel like it." Eva stomped out of the room. Scarlett then heard yelling. She looked into the room. "Oh come on! The captain is overthrown by her underling! How can it be?" Izzy broke down in her loss. "All you do is mash the buttons and hope for the best," Noah explained, "if you actually looked at the controls properly, you'll do what I do and find a strategy." Eva snorted. "Yeah, spamming the B button, real strategic."

Noah stood up. "Where are you going?" Eva asked. "Well, Izzy's off my back now, I can finally use the bathroom again." Scarlett met him outside the door. "Why were you playing along with Izzy's childish games? You're obviously better than that." Noah shrugged. "Izzy is a mental patient, but it'd be rude to try to drag her out of her fantasy, especially when her head is buried in her own world, now can you move out of the way?" Scarlett edged away from the bathroom door. She sat next to Eva. "Hey Scarlett! Wanna play?" Izzy held the controller up to Scarlett's face. "While it's kind to offer, I'd never associate myself with something as crude and violent, but hey, sounds like Eva's thing." Izzy passed the controller to Eva. She took it as she glared at Scarlett.

Scarlett sat back and watched the two coloured pixelated sprites leap around and punch and kick each other. Eva was a blue humanoid and Izzy was a green one. Scarlett smirked as she saw Eva get continuously more frustrated. "Izzy too much for you?" Eva ignored this. Then Izzy pulled the finishing move and the blue sprite fell to the ground. "Ugh! It's so unfair! All she did was back me into a corner! This isn't even how a real fight plays out." Eva threw the controller. Noah was walking out of the bathroom. "Hey Eva, do you know where Izzy put the-" the game controller hit him right in the head, "all you had to say was yes, or no…" Noah fell down.

Eva ran up to him. "Oh shit! I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" Scarlett stood up and walked over. "He's knocked out, he can't hear you. You know Eva, just because you lost the game and your jealous of him being better doesn't mean you have to take your anger out on him, it's unfair." Izzy gasped. "Eva? You're jealous? Of him?" "Wait, that's not why I did it, it was an accident." "Still, you should really control your temper, you've barely been here two weeks and you already seriously hurt one of your roommates, admit it, you're just a danger to have around."

Eva resisted attacking Scarlett. "I'm going to take him to bed, you two can leave him to me." Eva beckoned for them to leave. "Are you sure, how do we know that you won't lose your temper again, can we trust you on your own?" Eva grabbed Scarlett and muttered to her so Izzy couldn't hear. "I know what you're up to, so stop trying to cause chaos between the three of us." "Right, come on Izzy, let's see what other games you have on your console." Eva watched Scarlett take Izzy away and Scarlett stared Eva down. As much as Eva'd hate to admit it, Scarlett was right. She was acting reckless with her temper and needed to change before she did something she'd really regret.

After she had taken care of Noah, Eva walked back to the other two. "I think it's getting late, besides, Scarlett had made it clear that she doesn't want to be with me. I'll go to bed." Eva walked into her own room. She glanced at Scarlett. "You do anything to me or my friends, I'll make sure that you'll pay for everything." Eva said softly as she closed the door on Scarlett.

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