Total Drama: Team E-Scope United

Izzy, Eva and Noah, formerly known as Team E-Scope end up having to live together and everyone has different opinions.
Izzy is ecstatic and happy to be reunited with the members of Team E-Scope
Eva is finding it hard to not go on a rampage
Noah wished that he didn't have to put up with the other two's craziness.
Hopefully they'll manage to get along together and Eva hopefully won't hurt anyone due to her temper. They then get hired by a certain McLean to work was undercover spies. Who knows what they'll have to do!

I do not own Total Drama of their characters! Also I didn't make the cover art, I just edited it a bit


8. Rivalry

"So why did you throw the controller at me again?" Noah was in Eva's room. Scarlett had left hours ago and Eva was putting the bed away. "I told you, I didn't mean for it to hit you! If Scarlett had said anything to you don't believe her!" "Well, did you say it was an accident while I was unconscious, I can't remember what happened very well. You and Izzy were playing that game, you lost, I was going to ask you if you knew where Izzy put the soap and it's all blank from there, the last thing I remember is that you were giving out about the game being unrealistic. I asked Scarlett what happened as she was leaving, she said that you were jealous."

"It was an accident I swear, I just threw it and you got in the way! Scarlett is just trying to get us to hate each other, I know it! Whatever you do, you don't trust an evil mastermind, especially one that works for that stupid Chris McLean!" Noah looked at her. "Eva, we work for Chris McLean." "Not by choice!" Eva corrected, "we've known each other for a while, you know that I wouldn't just do that on purpose to you or Izzy." Noah nodded. "Point taken and noted. I forgive you." Eva smiled. "Now if you excuse me," she left the room, "I have to make sure that SHE didn't manipulate Izzy. She's crazy, so she'll be the first to believe anything."

"So, Scarlett is trying to break up Team E-Scope and overthrow me as leader?" Izzy asked. Eva facepalmed, this was the only way to convince her. "Yes, Scarlett wants to be leader." Izzy thought for a moment. "How can I be sure that YOU aren't the one who is planning mutiny?" "What?" Izzy leaned forward and looked Eva in the face. "You attacked Noah yesterday out of envy. You could attack me because you're jealous of me being leader, so you're trying to then me against Scarlett to let my guard down." "Izzy, we were totally okay with you being leader, come on, are you really going to place your trust in Scarlett instead of me?"

"Okay, you have me there. I'm sorry I accused you of mutiny, a captain must defend her title, sometimes I don't know who I can trust." "Whatever, and I didn't attack him out of envy." "Oh! I know why! You like him!" Eva shushed Izzy. "Shut it! He's in the same apartment, he could hear you!" Izzy giggled and placed her arm on Eva's shoulder. "You shouldn't hide your feelings from him, we all know it." Eva smacked Izzy's arm off. "That's gross. I'm not falling for any guy, besides, even if I do. He has a girlfriend." Izzy sighed. "Shame, you should've made your move earlier." Eva gave up and left.

"Did you convince Izzy that Scarlett is evil?" Eva nodded. "Yeah, but sometimes I just can't understand that girl." Noah smirked. "Don't flatter yourself, none of us can." Eva walked out of the door. "Where are you going?" Eva opened the door. "I found this gym across the street." Noah nodded and Eva left the apartment. "Hey, you seen Eva?" Izzy popped out of her room. "Just missed her, headed to the gym." Izzy sighed. "So she didn't do it?" Noah looked at her with a confused expression. "Do what?" Izzy looked away. "Oh nothing, don't tell her I asked you." Izzy went back into her room. "Asked me what? Did I miss something?"

Eva walked into the gym. It had plain grey walls and was covered in gym equipment. No one else seemed to be there, typical Sunday. She registered and went in. Then she saw there was another person in there. She wore a black hoodie, grey sweatpants and had blonde hair. She noticed Eva first. "Hey, I know you! You're that temperamental chick from season one, Eva." "Yeah, and you're that girl that Lightning thought was a dude, Jo!" Jo nodded. "The one and only. Had no idea you were in this part of town, never seen you here before." Eva crossed her arms. "I moved in two weeks ago, thought I'd run this joint."

"I'd like to see you try, I'm in charge here!" Jo commented, "you can't beat me." Eva narrowed her eyes. "Is that a challenge blondie?" Jo smirked. "You sure you'll be up to the challenge?" Eva seemed taken back by Jo's arrogance. "Oh, I'm sure, I'm also sure I can kick your butt any day, any time." Jo seemed glad to have some competition. "So I'll finally have a challenge? Everyone else who comes is a wuss." Eva pushed Jo aside. "Enough talk, let's do this!"

"Eva's been at the gym for three hours, I'm getting bored!" Izzy hung upside down off the sofa. "It's only been three hours? I'd expect her to be there for six, or seven, at the very least." Izzy looked out the window. "What if something happened to her!" she gasped, "it's our duty as her friends to help her!" Noah looked up. He was on his phone texting Emma. "What can we do that Eva can't?" Izzy thought. "I don't know," she admitted, "but still, we need to go over there and help her! Come on! We're going to save her!" Izzy marched out the door. Noah was still on his phone. "Hello? Earth to Noah!" Noah's head shot up. "What?" Izzy took him by the hand and took him out the door with her. "And we march!"

"77… 78… 79… 80!" Eva jumped down. "I've done 80 pull ups, you only did 65!" Jo rolled her eyes. "I went first so you actually had time to recover from the last one." Eva stared. "Quit making excuses, we go at the same time, so then there'd be no more bullshit!" Jo nodded in agreement. "On three, one… two…" she was interrupted. "Eva! Eva! Are you okay?" Izzy ran into the gym, Noah walked behind her. "Isn't that ginger the girl who was the spider?" Eva groaned. "Izzy what do you want?" Izzy ran up to the two. "You weren't coming back so we got worried, well, I got worried. Noah was texting his girlfriend." Jo was confused. "What do you mean getting back?" Eva sighed. "Those two are my roommates…"

Jo burst out laughing. "You mean to tell me that you, of all people, live with nutty and nerdy over there? You go on about how tough you are and yet you're roommates with those losers!" Eva snapped. "Yeah, so what?" Jo tried to stop laughing. "I mean, they don't look dead or injured, you must have gone soft!" Izzy interrupted. "Well, last night she threw a game controller at Noah, hit him smack in the head and he went out like a light, but she said that it was an accident." Jo smirked. "You're kidding right?" Eva was getting angry. "Well, at least I have friends! You'd shove your family off a cliff if you were offered fifty bucks!"

"Come on Eva, let's see who the strongest really is, or are you afraid that those two will get hurt." Eva glanced at her roommates. "You may wanna stand back, because this is going to get ugly." They took the hint and ran out of the room as quickly as possible. They looked through the glass door. Eva and Jo stood facing each other, like a western duel. "Come on Midge, or are you not ready yet?" Eva glared. "I was born to be ready and built to take down maggots like you!"

The two lunged at each other. Punches followed by kicks, followed by even more attacks hit each of them. "Ooh! A fight, who's winning?" Izzy seemed excited. "Eva. Jo's an idiot to think that she could beat Eva." Eva looked behind her to see them both cheering her on. Jo caught Eva off guard and held her in a headlock. "Caught you! Trying to impress your boyfriend?" Eva growled. "He's. Not. My. Boyfriend!" Eva head butted Jo and Jo was defeated. "Maybe you should think before you fuck with me. This gym is under new management, mine!" With that Eva left.

"All right!" Izzy cheered, "now that's what I'm talking about! You put that stupid person in her place! Shouldn't have messed with a member of the team!" Izzy leapt onto Eva's shoulders, this time Eva didn't shove her off. Noah snickered. "Make a new friend at the gym today?" he teased. Eva brushed him off but couldn't help smiling. "No one calls me soft and gets away with this, call her, my rival! Come on, our mission is at 2am tomorrow, if we're late, who knows what Chris'll make us do." Eva glared at Jo one last time before leaving with her roommates.

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