Total Drama: Team E-Scope United

Izzy, Eva and Noah, formerly known as Team E-Scope end up having to live together and everyone has different opinions.
Izzy is ecstatic and happy to be reunited with the members of Team E-Scope
Eva is finding it hard to not go on a rampage
Noah wished that he didn't have to put up with the other two's craziness.
Hopefully they'll manage to get along together and Eva hopefully won't hurt anyone due to her temper. They then get hired by a certain McLean to work was undercover spies. Who knows what they'll have to do!

I do not own Total Drama of their characters! Also I didn't make the cover art, I just edited it a bit


4. Natalie

Chris brought them inside. "I'll be taking the girls with me to show them the gadgets. While Noah will stay behind and become a girl. Time to call in my new stylist." They then saw Chef pushing out a familiar face. "Oh hi guys," said the cute, blue eyed blonde. "Lindsay? You're Chris' stylist?" "Apparently to be a fashion consultant, I need experience for styling." The three glared at Chris. "Are you really taking advantage of Lindsay's stupidity? Sorry Lindsay, no offence." Lindsay just looked confused. "What was that?" Lindsay couldn't hear Noah very well, "I think it's these new earrings." They were gold orbs that nearly covered her ears completely.

"You two get acquainted, she needs to do her job so you can do yours." Chris pushed Noah towards Lindsay. "Wait, what do I have to do?" Lindsay asked. "You have to make him look like a girl!" Izzy exclaimed. Lindsay stared at Noah after hearing this as he stuttered an excuse. "It's just… ugh. Chris is making me!" Chris then showed the two to the room where Lindsay would be working on him. "Have fun with your makeover." Eva snorted. "And you try keeping your head on." Noah replied. Noah and Lindsay were then left behind as Chris took the two girls with him to the gadget room. "So why do you need to look like a girl?" Lindsay asked. Noah sighed. "Chris wants me to go undercover as my new job." "Why would you colour Bob?" Noah gave up on explaining it to Lindsay, she couldn't hear him and she lacked a lot of common sense.

"Here is the gadget room." Chris said as he walked into a room that looked like some sort of lab, "feel free to look around, just don't touch anything!" Izzy seemed to have found cloud nine as she was jumping around looking at all the gadgets. She saw a small, dark blue gun and picked it up, only for it to be snatched away by someone else. "Hey, what gives! It's my gadget!" "I'm sorry, but Chris said that you couldn't touch anything," explained the girl with the ginger hair and glasses. "Hey! I know you! You're that girl from Pakhitew that was all like, 'I'm going to blow up the island, hahahahaha!' then Chris launched you out of the cannon with your boyfriend!" "Max. Was. Not. My. Boyfriend!" Scarlett yelled. "Calm down Scarlett," Chris approached her, "if you wanna keep your job you can't go all 'evil' okay?" Scarlett rolled her eyes. Izzy grabbed for the gun. "So what does this do?"

"This is a smoke gun," Scarlett explained, "it's useful for finding stuff like hidden lasers. It excretes a powerful combination of carbon dioxide and…" she noticed that Izzy had lost interest, Scarlett sighed, "you press the trigger and it shoots smoke." Izzy grabbed for it again. "Hey Eva! Check out this! I shall disappear!" "Izzy, stop its not finished-" too late. Izzy had pressed the trigger and smoke came from all around her then Izzy ran off, when the smoke cleared she was gone. "Izzy, I can see you." Eva said as Izzy hid behind the desk. "Aw, I wanted Chris to think I was magic." Eva rolled her eyes. "I think I should give this back," she took the smoke gun off Izzy and returned it to Chris. "Eva, there's a dent in this gun, I told you to be more careful." "But I-" Eva growled and walked off.

"What's her problem?" Scarlett asked. "Oh nothing, she just has a short temper." Chris replied. "I do not! I told you I have changed!" Eva yelled from wherever she was going. "Eva is just in denial," Chris said to Scarlett. Scarlett was then interrupted by Izzy messing with more equipment. Izzy was about to fire some grenades. "Stop!" Scarlett took them away just in time, "these are special gadgets that I just finished working on, these are knock-out grenades, you throw them and everyone in a single room goes out like a light, the effects last for a few hours." Izzy seemed interested. "If you want you can take some of the duds with you, effects only last one hour." Izzy seemed excited and started grabbing for them. "Hold on Izzy," Chris tried to calm her down, "Scarlett will pick the gadgets most suitable for this kind of mission." Izzy seemed slightly disappointed. "Aw! That's no fun, how am I meant to work when Scarlett gives me all the duds?" Scarlett sighed and tried to keep her anger in. "I will assure you that all of these work, I shall give you a booklet on how to use these. Now leave, I have work to do."

"Scarlett is Chris' inventor?" Eva nodded. She was sitting with Noah outside the stylist's room, Lindsay needed a little help getting it set up so Noah was waiting until Eva came to join him. "She wasn't her psycho form though, she had the glasses and her hair was up, then she makes these stupidly fragile weapons, so when I make a dent in them Chris says I have a short temper!" "Eva, I know your temper has, improved, since the first time Chris had seen you, but it's not completely gone, if you know what I mean." Eva sighed. "I know, but him acting like I haven't changed is so annoying!" Eva felt like breaking something. "Eva, it's Chris, what did you expect?" Eva smiled a little. "I guess your right." Then the door opened. "Okay, I'm ready." Noah sighed. "Well, see ya." Eva waved as he went into the room.

"Hey Eva!" Izzy skipped up to her, "I was thinking, as Noah is going to look like a girl, we should give him a girl's name when he's on the mission." Eva smirked. "That's actually not a bad idea. He's going to be super pissed at us." Izzy giggled. "I know! Will you learn that my ideas are great?" "Sure, just become more sane first and I might. So what name were you thinking of?" Izzy thought for a second. "Well, I was thinking something that began with the letter N, as that's what his normal name starts with, so I thought of girl's names beginning with N, so far nothing, but I'm thinking of one as we speak, you got one?" "What about Natalie?" Eva suggested. Izzy nodded. "That's a good one! Congrats Eva! There really is more to you than your short temper and your really crazy superhuman strength!" "Thanks, I guess."

After what felt like forever. Lindsay opened the door. "I'm done!" Lindsay exclaimed, "now you can do that thing with Bob!" With that she left. Eva and Izzy walked in. Noah was seen sitting down but he didn't look like himself. He was wearing a light blue skirt and a white blouse and was wearing a long black wig. He also wore fake breasts under his blouse and he had make up on his face, he did look like a girl. "Hey there Natalie!" Eva and Izzy burst out laughing and pointed at him. Noah rolled his eyes. "Let's just get this mission over with so I can get this off!" Izzy walked right up to him. "You do look kind of hot as a girl. Justin will totally fall for you!" Scarlett then came into the room and handed Noah a small type of spray. "What is this?" he asked. "It's pepper-spray," she answered, "guys can get kind of creepy at these kinds of parties. Remember, if he asks you to his place, refuse, if he tries to make you go spray it in his face." Chris then walked and and laughed. "This is gonna be good!"

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