Blue Hair Blue eyes

Cecelia or CC is just a girl who is best friends with the popular girls Kendra and Jayla. What happens when she's finally gets noticed, by someone she'd never expect...



Celia's POV

When we got to the club, Jayla and Kendra lead me to the dance floor

"I don't wanna dance" I say and Jayla rolls her eyes and twirls me around

"Come on CC, have some fun!" She says and Kendra does some weird moves and I laugh a little

I dance a little to the beat. "Yass girl!" Kendra yells and I fan myself like I'm getting hot

"Wow guys all this dancing, I'm gonna get a drink" I say getting away from the dance floor, I find a bar and sit on a stool facing the crowd. I see Kendra and Jayla having fun and dancing and laughing, I wish I had their confidence 

After a few minutes I see in the corner of my eye a boy, staring at me

He was really hot, messy curly hair and dimples, oh dimples

I looked around me to make sure he wasn't staring at someone else, nope he's staring at me

What would Jay or Kendra do? Call him over I guess? Well it was too late for that, he stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets and walked my way

As he got closer, I knew he was definitely coming towards me, I brace myself 

"Hi" a beautiful accent leaves his lips

"Hey" I peep and he takes a seat next to me

"Not the party type?" he asks and I shake my head

"Me neither, my friend made me go" he says and I nod "Mine too" and I point at Kendra and Jayla

"Ah, well I'm Ashton" he says and I smile



Ashton's POV

CC, it was cute and she was beautiful. She is definitely different from her friends, her friends were very wild in a good way, confident, they reminded me of Calum and Michael 

They would actually be a good match, maybe I could hook them up if they were single. I smile at her 

"I like your hair" I say and she takes it in her hands looking at her blue ends

"Really?" She asks and I nod

"They bring out your eyes" I say and she smiles shyly looking down

"Thanks" she whispers and I see Allison walking our way

"There you are Ash" She says and I see CC frown of disappointed, I don't want her to think she's my girlfriend

"This is Allison" I say to her and she smiles and so does Allison

"Hey I'm Ashton's friend" Allison says and she squeals when Luke comes up behind her 

"And this is my boyfriend Luke" She says and CC looks more relaxed now

"Hi I'm CC" She says and Luke smiles

"We were gonna take Ashton to the VIP section, wanna come?" Luke asks and CC's eyes widen 

"You can go to the VIP?" She's so cute

"Well my dad kind of owns this club" Allison says and CC nods

"Okay, could I bring my friends?" She asks and Luke nods 

"More the merrier" He replies and CC stands up to get her friends and Allison claps her hands

"Ash she is so pretty!" Allison giggles and Luke pats my back

"What did I say mate?" Luke says and I smile

"She really is something, wait till you see her friends. They'll remind you of two other people" Luke looks confused but CC comes back with her two friends 

The one with greens eyes smile "I'm Kendra"

The other one with brown eyes smiles too "I'm Jayla"

They were pretty, "I'm Ashton"

"I'm Luke and this is my girlfriend Allison" Luke says and Kendra smiles

"So you could take us to the VIP section?" She asks and Allison nods

"Well then let's party!" Jayla says and Luke leads the way 

"We are so hooking them up with Calum and Michael" Allison says and I chuckle

"Who are they?" CC asks "Just some of our other friends" I reply and she smiles

I gotta ask her out, I gotta be in the game

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