Blue Hair Blue eyes

Cecelia or CC is just a girl who is best friends with the popular girls Kendra and Jayla. What happens when she's finally gets noticed, by someone she'd never expect...


1. I saw her

Ceceia's POV

"So do you guys want to go to a movie or mall?" My best friend Kendra asks me and Jayla. We are sleeping over at her house

"I heard there's a party down at the club we saw a couple days ago" Jayla suggests

"Sounds fun! What do you say?" Kendra asks me and I shrug "A party?" I ask again and Jayla shakes my skinny shoulders 

"Come on CC it will be fun loosen up! We can dress up and be all cute and the boys will be all over you" Jayla winks and I roll my eyes smiling

"Yeah sure" I say and they squeal clapping their hands

Kendra and Jayla have been my best friends for as long as I remembered, they always have been there. I feel like the ugly friend sometimes, they're so beautiful 

Jayla has nice curves and long brown soft hair and really dark brown eyes that they could seem black. She also has nice olive skin and her face is soft, baby soft. She sings and acts really well, she's talented

Kendra is skinny, not to skinny she's a right amount kind of like Jayla. She has dark hair and paler skin which makes her emerald green eyes pop out. Her smile is so pretty, it can make a person with a dark soul lighten up. She also dances, she's really good at it too

The two of them always got the boys, everyone likes them, and they're like celebrities at school. 

Then there's me

I have dull boring blue eyes and and my blonde hair has blue tips. I'm also skinny but I feel too skinny at times, but gives me the excuse to eat more. I would love nice curves like Jayla. I like music and reading and I wrote a couple songs, they're not that good though

For the party I wore some edgy NewYork tank top and black shorts with a red flannel over it and brown boots

Jayla wore a lace shirt with a flannel as well and a triangle necklace with her favorite light shorts and a brown belt, she's very hipster at times

Kendra wore a dark grey t and a grey cardigan with fringe, shorts and knee high socks

I felt good and the two them look great as always


Ashton's POV

"Let's not get too wasted alright?" I tell Luke

"Yeah I know, where are Calum and Michael?" he asks

I shrug "Who knows where those guys are, we'll find them later"

"I think I see Allison" Luke eyes shined and he had a big smile 

Allison is Luke's girlfriend, she's really pretty too

Long light brown hair and blue eyes, she wore a black dress and it made her eyes pop

Luke is a lucky guy, always is with his girls

I parked the car and Luke leaps out and rushes to her

I catch up and Allison smiles 

"Hey Luke" She smiles

"Hey Ally" He calls her by her nick name and pecks her lips

"You guys ready to have some fun?" I can't believe her dad owns this club

"Hell yeah, hey Ash maybe you'll get lucky tonight" He winks and I roll my eyes

Allison scoffs "C'mon Ashton, a guy like you will have girls lining up once you get in"

"Hey you're mine!" Luke says taking her in his arms and she giggles

They are so cute I hate them

We walk in and the two of them disappear, thanks guys

I sit at the bar and order a drink

"Hey wanna dance?" Well this girl looks like a hoe and she is definitely not wearing a bra

"Ummm no thanks" She has pretty eyes though

"Come one sweetie" She winks

"Um..I have a girlfriend" I say and she rolls her eyes


I give up and walk away to another seat

I hear her huff and walk away behind me, thank god

Then, I saw her

She had beautiful blue eyes that could seem grey, blonde hair with blue ends

She sits there, watching the crowd


I have to meet her

What do you think? 


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