Blue Hair Blue eyes

Cecelia or CC is just a girl who is best friends with the popular girls Kendra and Jayla. What happens when she's finally gets noticed, by someone she'd never expect...


3. Her Middle Name




The V.I.P section was totally crazy. Louder and crazy, but less people so I guess that was fine.

"Wanna dance with me?" Ashton asks, gosh he's so hot. He stares into my very soul with those hazel eyes

"I can't dance" I mumble. Come on CC speak up! I bet I should like a 13 year old

But I guess he heard me "Neither can I" he admits and he chuckles and I crack a smile "Wanna sit down then? Talk?" He suggests "Sure"I say and he leads me to a couch, that is not taken by people making out

"So tell me about yourself" He starts and I sigh and shrug "Nothing to say, I'm pretty boring" I say and he shakes his head "No you're not come on, what's your favorite color, pet, what's your dream, middle name, anything"

I giggle "Well as you can tell, my favorite color is blue" He smiles and takes a piece of my hair and twists it, he stares deep in my eyes

"I love dogs, I really want to get into..." I stop, how can I tell him I want to be a model? He's gonna laugh

"What?" he says and I shake my head "Nothing" "Come on, your dream job isssss" he makes a drum roll sound, he's so freaking cute

I roll my eyes and smile "Okay...modeling" I mumble His eyes widen, gosh I knew he would think I'm crazy

"You. would. be. the. world's. most. beautiful. model" he says "Shut up" I giggle "I'm serious" there's no "kid" in his voice "Thanks" I blush

"Now last one, Middle name"

"Carter, Cecelia Carter Newman" I say and he smiles

"Ashton Irwin"

"Now your turn, same questions" He runs his hands through his hair

"Well my new favorite color is blue, dogs are cool, I want to be in the Music business, and Fletcher is my middle name"

"I bet your a good musician" I say and he smiles

"Yeah I'm pretty good if I do say so myself" I giggle and the rest of the night we talk about music and his funny middle name Fletcher

Then we head out, Kendra and Jayla are talking with Allison and Luke is on the phone

"I had fun" Ashton says and I smiled 

"Me too"

He looks down and smiles, then looks back up. He seems so nervous his cheeks are pink

"Umm, maybe I can get your number and we can hang out sometime"

Is he asking me, on a date. This hot Australian guy is asking ME ' for my number

"Like a date? hangout?" I ask and he nods

"Yeah, if you want" He says and I smile

"I would like that" I say and we exchange numbers

"I'll see you then" Ashton says 

"See ya" 

"Nice meeting you girls" Allison says and gives the three of us a hug

"Bye!" Luke yells out and he puts his arms around Allison and walks off with Ashton

Ashton turns around and smiles, I smile back

Then, Jayla and Kendra squeal and squeeze my arm.

"Oh my god CC! That Ashton guy is so hot!" Kendra says 

"I saw you get his digits" Jayla winks and I roll my eyes

"Yeah, now let's get home I'm tried" I say. They give each other a smirk. 


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