My Drawings

I love to draw and paint and color. So I am putting my drawings on here. Hope you like them. I have not been drawing to long but find it quite exciting.


1. My Drawings

It won't let me put my drawings on here. I was going to make a book of them. So sorry. Hope you will enjoy when I finally get them all on here.


                                                            My Love Don't Cry


Why are we together I want to know

When You do nothing but run away

I don't understand

Why we keep on loving each other


I wonder everyday

When I see you again

Will you up and run away

Or will you want to stay?


Give me one day

Then I will kiss you goodbye

Just too hold you one more time

Then I don't know why


You will cry

When I dream of you it feels like I am flying

I see your smile and think of you

In your eyes I see mine


Then I want to dance and sing a song

I won't stop to rest with a broken heart

Is it right for me to love?

Will you stay or run?


I want you to stay

Just give me one more day

Then I will kiss you goodbye

Hold you one last time


Why I don't know

My love don't cry

Just stay and love me

Until you have too go





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