What am I feeling?

This story will be about a girl named Aria, who never felt love which is sad until she meets the boys (one direction) and start to see what love is with each of them....but has a strong bond with one of them!


2. Starbucks ._.


After my incident with that boy, I haven't stopped thinking about him! I mean one of my professors caught my attention! Like what the hell is wrong with me! I got scared that i had missed something important in class...because will all my thinking I didn't get any notes! After class had ended I decided to just go get myself a coffee from Starbucks! YES I KNOW "SUCH A WHITE GIRL."  ---skip the car ride XD------ 

So I arrived at Starbucks and ordered a vanilla bean Frappe...mmmm sounds good right? As i finished ordering i went and sat down in a booth and waited for name to be called out.... I took out my phone and started looking at the pictures I took for my photography class... This is one of the pictures I took while walking down the park. Its one if my favorites.

I thought I had done a pretty good job ,but the Prof that it was a little too teenish.....so I sadly  failed that assignment. I heard them scream out my name, it was something like this..."ARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol i quickly ran to the cashier and got my frappe. As i sat back down I noticed a familiar face....it was the guy i bumped into yesterday! I tried to be cool when he passed by ,but he caught my eye and turned to face me.. Hey aren't you that girl I bumped into?? I replied with a sign yeah... He sat down on the chair next to me (I'm about to die for sure!!) Well nice to meet you he said my name is Harry and stuck his hand out. I shacked it, and replied,"My name is Aria..is nice to meet you Harry." :D (smiling as wide as i could.-.) 

Harrys Pov: I had been thinking of that girl....the mates had realized I was thinking of something.

 On Messenger

Louis: Hey Harry what ya thinking??

H: Oh um on homework, man its hard?

L: Really! WOW I thought you were really smart Hazzabear...i guess you aren't anymore! :P

H: Whatever Loubear! I still am...hey i will message you in a bit gonna get some coffee or something.

L: KK, buy me something yeah cause you know I'm a white girl! XD jk byee!

I smiled and turned of my phone, I went to the cashier and ordered 2 frappes just in case lou did really want it.. I was going to sit down on a booth ,but i saw a familiar face on the corner of my eye which made me turn to the girl sitting in the booth. Hey aren't you the girl......

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