What am I feeling?

This story will be about a girl named Aria, who never felt love which is sad until she meets the boys (one direction) and start to see what love is with each of them....but has a strong bond with one of them!


1. In the beginning there was nothing.

In The Beginning there was nothing:

 My name is Aria, I'm 19 and soon will be turning 20...scary you could say, but in a way I have always felt 20. Yeah, weird right...my parents always said that I'd been mature, anyways less talking about my age! I mean, I don't want to make you bored!! Ok well where do I start?! Oh!! I'm 19 and yet have no boyfriend, never had one really. Never felt how it is to fall "in love" like most people say. I'd say I'm a pretty weird person. How do I explain to you? You know those kids in high school who sit at the back are quite and have no friends at all...yeah that would be me "the loner."

 Anyways let me tell you what I am currently doing. I attend a college still have no friends, I'm clumsy, and I guess smart. You may think ooh she has a lame life well let me say..... I DO!!! No friends in college and don't get to go to party's that ain't the college life! I mean what is there to do? I am not social ,but an outcast.

It doesn't matter...anyways today in school you won't believe what happen!! OK, OK, so i was walking to one of my afternoon classes when I bumped into someone like always ,but it was someone beautiful finally!! I never got to catch his name ,but he had long hair and it was in a bun. He was wearing a black shirt,skinny jeans, and some boots. I noticed every feature of his because I mean its the first time I bumped to someone cute and of  course I wanted to remember every detail and second of it!!

He smiled at me and said,"sorry darling I didn't see where I had been going." Shocked that he talked to me I mumbled stupidly,"I'm an idiot!" He looked at me and said he was sorry ,but had to go....he left so fast I never got to ask his name! 

UGH!! Aren't I stupid?!?! well hopefully I see him around...I'd finally have someone to talk to than myself. 

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