Mona Malfoy- and her true identity

Mona Malfoy is a Malfoy, and she is not proud of it. She is Draco's twin, now you understand, she can't live. Will Mona find out who she really is, or will everything go to a waste. This is my first movella and it is a collab with ItsRubyPotter (her story is called dusk to Dawn). Hope you like it!


2. Where my hair gel at?

Mona woke up on a not so nice day for her birthday in her massive room in Malfoy Manor that she had all to herself. She woke up on her king sized bed yawning, then realised it was her birthday. Which she sadly had to share with her prat of a twin brother, the one and only Draco Malfoy. She got out of her bed and made it (She's a clean freak) and picked up anything that wasn't supposed to be on the floor and put it where it should go. She went into her walk in robe (which is the size of a normal bedroom) and grabbed her outfit she planned last night. A striped black and white crop top and a high wasted blue jean skirt. She grabbed  some black boots an put her long, curly, platinum blonde hair out of the pony tail she had slept in. She then just brushed her hair a little and went to her bathroom (I know she's very spoilt) and brushed her teeth. She then just got in the shower and did all her body and face wash. When she got out of the shower she put on some magenta coloured lipstick and some mascara and took her outfit and put it on. She brushed her hair a little more and ran out of the bathroom to the lounge room they usually sit in.


When Mona walked in she saw a billion presents on the floor waiting for her and Draco. Dawn was obviously in the kitchen making bacon and eggs or something."Unwanted, hurry up with those eggs, I'm hungry!" The stuck up Lucius Malfoy yelled at Dawn who simply replied,"yes sir." And hurried up on making the eggs."Mona dear, Happy Birthday!" Narcissa Malfoy said in her happy voice which is kind of croaky/creepy."Thank you Mother, um but where is Draco?" Mona replied, looking around to find her brother."MUMMY WHERE IS MY HAIR GEL!" The one and only Draco Malfoy yelled at the top of his voice (which by the way is REALLY loud) and bolted down the stairs."Happy birthday darling Draco, we bought you some new hair gel for your birthday so we should start to open up you and Mona's presents." Narcissa replied to him with a slight smile and Draco's face went red."BUT I NEED MY HAIR GEL NOW!" He yelled and stomped on the ground and looked as though he was having a tantrum."Geez, calm down!'' Mona said but she wasn't surprised because this happens every morning. Lucius quickly handed Draco some hair gel and Draco stomped up to his room."Oh and Mona I forgot to tell you that Aunt Bella is coming in like 5 minutes to give you your presents and see you open everything up." Lucius said casually eating his eggs that Dawn just gave him."Um, Mona, would you like anything?" Dawn asked."No thanks." Mona didn't feel that hungry anymore because she was to scared of Bellatrix Lestrange coming. Mona's middle name is Bella cause of her and Bellatrix always acts like Mona is her daughter.

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