Mona Malfoy- and her true identity

Mona Malfoy is a Malfoy, and she is not proud of it. She is Draco's twin, now you understand, she can't live. Will Mona find out who she really is, or will everything go to a waste. This is my first movella and it is a collab with ItsRubyPotter (her story is called dusk to Dawn). Hope you like it!


1. About Mona

Hair Colour: platinum blonde (dah)

Eye colour: Grey blue (another dah)

Skin colour: very tan (WAIT WHAT!)

Personality: Girly but very brave and courages, sassy(but kind), and thinks everything's cute.

Fav colour: Violet

She is a metamorphmagus but can hide it. Her hair colour only changes.

Normal: Platinum blonde

Happy/excited: Violet

Embarrassed: Lemon Yellow

Sad: Light blue

Angry: Red/Orange

Nervous: Pale green

Hope you like it!!





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