Collection Of My Poems

Poems I wrote hope you enjoy :-)


3. Time runs out

Poem number three:


Time is going by fast you look at the clock and it says 7'o clock

you look back again and see that is says 8'o clock.

you have several more hours till you die,


Get up! you tell yourself, go say goodbye to everybody you know!

The clock continues to quickly count down your last day with the living.

Run out the door. keep running and running until your feet bleed.


Shout that you're leaving for good, cry your final tears, yell your last regret.

Apologize to those you hurt, burn everything wrong, protect the innocent,

Be smart; not stupid, look at the clock again two hours till you die.


Tell your loved ones that you're sorry, tell your significant other goodbye forever.

Get ready to countdown your final breath, look at the clock one more time.

Look up to the sky and say "", and your final breathe was spoken.

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