Bad boys

"Sup shorty" he says pushing me on the ground.

"Oww that's not nice" I say crying.

"What did you say to me" he yells.

"Nothing Luke" I say backing up.

He pulls back his hand and hits me in the face.....


1. The funeral

Luke's P.O.V

"Mom do I have to go I don't even know the girl" I say putting my suit on.

"Yes because I know her and she just lost her dad and she already lost her mom to cancer just be nice" my mom says.

"Fine but who is it anyways?" I ask.

"Brianna George" my mom says. I wince at the name.

"I hate that girl even though I have her to thank for my popularity" I think to myself as we get in the car to go to the funeral. We get there 10 minutes later and there is a whole group of people.

Brianna's P.O.V

I look around seeing people here for my dad I don't even know most of there people worked with my dad for a short amount of time or knew him in high school. Here comes my aunt who invited all these people.

"Hey sweetie how are you holding up" she says trying to sound concerned for me.

"I'm fine" I say bitchy because she knows I'm not okay I just lost my dad.

"And now a few words from Patrick's daughter Brianna" says the preacher. I walk up there tearing up already.

"My dad was an amazing man he did not deserve to die but I know he's in a better pla....." I start crying I go sit back down. They lower my dad into the hole everyone else leaves for the after party my aunt planned because she is a party planner and has nothing better to do. I stay there and it starts raining I watch them bury my father and put the tombstone on. I then sit on the ground with my mom and dad crying. Later on I go inside to the party to get bombarded by people I don't know asking "Are you okay" or "How are you holding up". I sit down. My best friend runs up to me.

"Babe I'm not even gonna ask if your okay cause I know your not" she says hugging me I cry on her shoulder.

"I miss him he's all I had left" I say as the film for my dad turns on. "Sara I'm gonna go I don't wanna watch this" I go tell my aunt. As I start to walk out I run into someone and fall down. I look up to see Luke Hemmings. He helps me up and tries to ask me something but I run off.

Luke's P.O.V

My mom makes me go talk to Brianna as I walk over there I see Brianna running off she runs into me and falls. I help her up and I start to say "Are you okay Brianna" but she runs off I run after her worried and I don't know why. I grab her wrist and she screams.

"Oww stop that hurts" she screams starting to cry.

"Are you okay Brianna" I look at her wrist and see cuts.

She pulls away and runs off I stay there giving up.

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